Hollywood Celebrities Push for Gun Control Hours After Colorado Shooting: ‘Not Soon Enough’

Breitbart – by David Ng

Left-wing Hollywood celebrities wasted little time in pushing for gun control and gun reform just hours after a shooter killed ten people, including a police officer, at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, Monday afternoon.

Stars including Julianne Moore, Bradley Whitford, Mia Farrow, and Jamie Lee Curtis seized the opportunity, rushing to social media to promote measures including background checks and a ban on assault weapons.

On Monday, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said ten people died in the attack at King Soopers supermarket in the Table Mesa area of Boulder. Among the dead was 51-year-old policeman Eric Talley, an 11-year veteran of the Boulder police force.

The suspect is in police custody and has been identified as Ahmad Alissa, a 21-year-old Arvada, Colorado, resident.

Actress Julianne Moore expressed her outrage at the Colorado shooting. “We shouldn’t have to live like this. In Atlanta or Boulder or anywhere else,” she wrote on Instagram. “Our elected leaders owe us #MoreThanThoughtsAndPrayers to end our gun violence crisis — they owe us action.”

She also urged people to text a number in support of HR8, a bill that would require background checks for gun purchases.

Alyssa Milano used the shooting to push for filibuster reform.


The West Wing star Bradley Whitford claimed in a tweet that people can’t be pro-Second Amendment and pro-life. He was responding to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who offered a prayer for law enforcement, first responders, and others affected by the shooting.

Mia Farrow tweeted that “no civilian need to own or carry” an AR-15.

Jamie Lee Curtis pushed for a ban on assault weapons.

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