Hollywood gun hypocrisy: 500+ armed guards at 2018 Academy Awards

Fellowship of the Minds – by Dr. Eowyn

Last night, at Hollywood’s annual narcissistic love-fest, the 90th Academy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel trashed President Trump and pontificated about gun control, urging the assembled Hollyweirdos to join the “amazing” students of Parkland in their “March for Our Lives” gun control march scheduled for March 24.

Meanwhile, a battalion of armed guards were on hand, to ensure the safety of the Hollyweirdos wearing orange lapel pins to advocate for gun control.  

The battalion of armed guards included (Variety):

  • More than 500 LAPD officers, many of them working overtime, as well as police helicopters.
  • FBI agents.
  • Private security guards from Security Industry Specialists.
  • Firefighters.

To ensure security, nearly a mile of Hollywood Boulevard was closed, from Cahuenga Boulevard to La Brea Avenue. Highland Avenue and Orange Drive were closed for almost a half a mile, from Franklin Avenue to Sunset Boulevard.

Kimmel — he who debased women by having them put their mouths to his crotch — also preached about Hollywood’s sexual abuse of women. Referring to the #MeToo and #Time’sUp movement, Kimmel said, with not even a trace of irony or self-awareness (Breitbart):

“What’s happening is long overdue. We can’t let bad behavior slide anymore. We need to set an example… if we can do that, women will only have to deal with sexual harassment every other place they go.”

Ever eager to demonstrate her trendy political correctness, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson chose a sleeveless gown, all the better to display a tattoo against sexual harassment.

Alas, neither the tattooist nor Watson realized that the tattoo misspelled “Time’s Up” into “Times Up” — which makes no sense. Clearly, Watson’s Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brown University did not include lessons in grammar and the apostrophe punctuation mark.

Not surprisingly, the ratings for Sunday night’s telecast of the Academy Awards collapsed by a whopping 16% — an all-time low.


Fellowship of the Minds

7 thoughts on “Hollywood gun hypocrisy: 500+ armed guards at 2018 Academy Awards

  1. I was hoping that Kim would drop a 100+kt package on the Hollyweird faggot fest but alas it didn’t happen. sigh……

  2. All in one day I watched the Oscars and the pedo movie that was nominated for best picture. I wanted to support the boycott, but I had to spy, had to look the enemy in the eye, so to speak. Both were so much worse than I expected. It would be easy to dismiss all this as Hollywood Horse-s**t, but it’s affect on our culture is so pervasive and so damaging that I just had to say a word about it.

    How I hoped there would be spontaneous protest/outburst, exposing the pedophilia, but no. From Meryl Streep to Matthew McConaughey, all gave their applause and their nods of approval. I hold each and every one of them complicit, especially the hypocrites who want respect for women but ignore children.

    The Oscars, were anti-men, anti-gun, anti-nationalism, pro immigration/invasion (a dreamer-fest), pro multi-culturalism, pro no borders, ANYWHERE!! All this, with every flavor of sexuality generously sprinkled over the entire extravaganza. It was obnoxious, horribly preachy, and fully self-serving.

    The pedo movie: “Call me by your name,” is about rich, American Jews who have a quaint villa in northern Italy for family visits on holidays and in summer. They’re very intellectual and upper class. Long story short, their teenage son has an affair with an American visitor in his mid twenties. It was sold as tender and coming-of-age, but it was in-your-face child abuse. The makers of the film held to the tenet that age-of-consent is lower in parts of Europe. You had one scene where the father is rejoicing in his son’s first encounter with “real” love, something he himself has only “come close to.”

    A few months ago, Corey Feldman called the film out for what it is. Corey, as many know has issues of questionable behavior, and he takes a lot of heat from varied camps with some asserting that he’s been MK-Ultraed. Who knows? But he has been going up against the pedophilia demonry for several years. Here’s his outrage from him a couple of months ago:



  3. “What’s happening is long overdue.”

    Can’t argue with that.

    It’s LOOOOOOOONG been planned by your stinking jew masters, sleazeball.

    “We can’t let bad behavior slide anymore. We need to set an example…”

    You mean like being FAG & PEDO CENTRAL???

    “… if we can do that, women will only have to deal with sexual harassment every other place they go.”

    That’s what guns are for, retard!

  4. Nobody watches this garbage anymore, sloppy speeches, jew bullshit, jew bullshit and more jew bullshit. Oh yeah, did i mention jew bullshit?

  5. Hey…

    I hear Harvey Harvey Weinstein won….

    “Best Serial Rapist Actor In a Non-Fiction Roll”.

    Beating out Bill Cosby ……who only won the best Supporting Actor Serial Rapist in a non-fiction role.

    I would suggest that the distraction. …called the oscarz.

    Be greased and shoved up all the fake azz actor’s azzez.

    Yeah…. I’d pay to see that on t.v.

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