The Holy See & Their Global Communist Militia

Published on Sep 21, 2017

This is A Astralwalker One Video and a 50 year anniversary of Myran Fagan 1967 CFR Illuminati speech visualized armed and equipped with a deeper understanding of the Global Nazarene Communist Deep State A Marxist System they have totally surrounded us all with, pushing their ideal in their education systems like Libertalism Humanism Atheism Nihelism Feminism Rasism The Fake Leftish & The right movements (Controlled Opposition) The Gay & Lesbian Promiscius movements Globalism and Free Trade & The Big Bang Theory And The Copernicus Lie on top of that the total fraud concerning the blame Game of the Jews,Adam Weishaupt Was a Jesuit Jew Just like todays Pope are, the Jew Blame Game is constructed by The Internationalist Jesuits to lead away the heat from The Fraudulent Catholic Church and their Jesuit militia. Where living in a Communist Global system, thats the reality of today 2017,and they need people like Kim Jung Un /Castro to have someone to point finger at, if not people should see how they are and be able figure out quite quick,, Concerning The Pedocrazy..Its as Real as the air we breath…Read Johhny Cirucci,s New Book book Eater of Children to under stand how they tick and how their workings are done and how sick these people really are, know your enemy….

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