Homeless being rounded up and taken to camps amid coronavirus outbreak

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

SEATAC (INTELLIHUB) — King County officials announced on Saturday a plan to take homeless to the old arrivals section at Boeing Field against everything America stands for.

Under the current national state of emergency declaration snatch and grabs of American citizens have been authorized at the highest levels in an effort to mitigate the spread of the deadly Covid-19 Contagion.

Authorities have been ordered to use force if necessary to carry out quarantine orders.

From the Seattle Times:

The two quarantine or isolation properties are the Eastgate parking lot in Bellevue and a motel in Issaquah the county just leased.

City and county officials have scrambled to open up new space to create social distancing in crowded shelters, which house a vulnerable population at risk of contracting severe COVID-19 illnesses. Officials anticipate “hundreds or thousands” of people needing to use quarantine facilities in the coming weeks who cannot isolate at home or do not have homes of their own, according to King County Leo Flor, director of the county’s Department of Community and Human Services.

Keep in mind, homeless are not the only humans authorized to be detained. If you think you are immune to the order that you may have another thing coming.

Under the current national state of emergency, anyone in violation of a quarantine order will receive a $250,000 fine and mandatory imprisonment. So you may want to think twice about leaving your home during the zombie apocalypse once the U.S. military begins to enforce it.

And if that is not bad enough, being taken to a camp with the infected would surely mean a horrible death. Remember, officials have been lying about the kill rate which seems to be about 16% in Washington State.

Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas local authorities have openly admitted that the violation of a quarantine order equals jail time.

On a local level: “State law allows local health authorities to issue the orders — which include criminal charges and fines. The Texas Health and Safety Code shows a violation of an order is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine. The crime is a Class B misdemeanor.,” according to a report posted on KXAN.com.

The National Guard is currently positioning throughout Washington State ahead of quarantine lockdown. The following convoy was deployed out of Fort Lewis.

PA loudspeakers mounted to up-armored Humvees. The complete martial law package. These babies will be cruising around local neighborhoods in the coming days.


In Colorado…


6 thoughts on “Homeless being rounded up and taken to camps amid coronavirus outbreak

  1. If you think the Corona Virus is scary
    you should see what governments do to unarmed citizens (US Nationals )

  2. Wait, how can I join up with the Military at my age..? It seems that if you get an authorized Uniform and Guns from government, you are somehow immune to these viruses.

    I mean damn, you get to go around telling people they are at risk and you are there to help them under threat of death.
    and when they ask you, why aren’t you at risk, why aren’t you staying on your base? You tell them, you are special and have authority which keeps you safe.

    just fkn retarded… all pre-planned people….

    1. exactly

      do you see entire police departments shut down? taking in no revenue , no criminals ..just staying home?

      i bet i cant go flying down the highway and drive any ol way i want to

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