Homeless man, couple allegedly conspired to deceive GoFundMe funds: report

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A New Jersey couple and a homeless Philadelphia man who were once the symbol of generosity in hard times allegedly conspired with each other to come up with a false story to earn GoFundMe donations and will now face charges, according to a complaint obtained by NBC 10 Philadelphia.

The original story was this: Johnny Bobbitt, who was homeless, gave his last $20 to Kate McClure, a stranded motorist in Philadelphia in November last year, to help her get gas. To thank him, McClure, 28, and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, 39, created a GoFundMe account to raise funds for Bobbitt. Around 14,000 people donated to the campaign, which brought in more than $400,000 overall.  

But investigators said the three deliberately prevented donors from gaining information “that would affect their judgment about solicited contribution to that fundraising effort,” according to the station. Now they will face charges including conspiracy and theft by deception, a source familiar with the case told NBC 10.

The couple turned themselves in on Wednesday to Burlington County authorities, the source said. It was unlcear if Bobbitt was with them. The Burlington County Prosecutor’s office is expected to make an announcement in the case on Thursday, The New York Post reported, citing multiple reports.

The story appeared to begin to fall apart after Bobbitt claimed that the couple used the GoFundMe money as “personal piggy bank,” and sued the couple in August over the funds.

Bobbitt’s attorney, Jacqueline Promislo, told The New York Post in September that the couple started to spend the money right after depositing it into their bank account. Bobbitt accused the two of mismanaging the donations, which the couple initially denied.

“They went on shopping sprees,” Promislo told the paper. “[Bobbitt] tells me they had a Louis Vuitton bag and Chanel sunglasses, a new iPhone 10.”

But the couple claimed they withheld the money to help Bobbitt. They said once the money came in, Bobbitt began to give some to relatives and spend it on drugs. He ultimately received roughly $75,000 from the GoFundMe, which he used to purchase a camper and SUV — both of which he no longer has, reports said.

D’Amico claimed in August that he controls the funds and that he would dispense the money when Bobbitt gets a job and stops using drugs. Police had raided the couple’s New Jersey home in September, confiscating a new BMW, jewelry and cash, NBC 10 reported.

McClure and D’Amico’s attorney, Ernest Badway, said in court in Septemeber that about $200,000 had gone to Bobbitt. But Superior Court Judge Paula Dow said Badway indicated he was “misadvised” by his clients and that later the court learned there was no money left.

Fox News emailed Bobbitt’s reported lawyers, Chris Fallon and Jacqueline Promislo, early Thursday and did not get an immediate response. Fox News also reached out to Ernest Badway, who has been the couple’s attorney, and he said no comment.

Badway said in September that one or both could be indicted, saying his clients plan to invoke the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, NJ.com reported.

In September, GoFundMe, along with the law firm (Cozen O’Connor) representing Bobbitt, had said that the Marine veteran will receive the balance of what he was not given of the hundreds of thousands raised for him, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.


5 thoughts on “Homeless man, couple allegedly conspired to deceive GoFundMe funds: report

  1. Wow! The tangled webs of deceit.

    Apparently that military worship goes a long way. Had the homeless guy been a regular guy on the street, no military claim behind his name, they probably wouldn’t have raised 100 bucks.

    I hope this doesn’t sour folks on continuing to give to those in need.

    If this is true, these are scum people!

  2. Well, a better story than the young girl who cleaned out her bank account, took out personal loans, Cash Advance from her credit cards, and refinanced her house…..

    And put it all on the last big PowerBall

    And won nothing.

    Made a GoFundMe page and got stupid people (yes, there’s people even STUPIDER than the gambler) who funder her $260,000+ dollars.

    ‘America; Rewarding stupidity $1 at a time” ~ My dad

  3. Had a suspicion this might be the case…you know I am getting really tired of people who will do anything for money! As with that post exposing Alex Jones (Cooper) and the rest, these folks do what they do only for money, or fame and money. Whereas truth tellers, like Cooper and like Jesus, tend to do it fro free.

    1. DL, I sent you a reply for your questions under the “How theft, lying, and identity fraud are morally excused in Judaism” article on the 12th. Just in case you haden’t looked at it.

  4. Praise Jesus. …

    Jesus was having a get together. ..

    With his 12 Disciples.

    He said ya know they’re gonna crucify me in a couple of days.

    We should celebrate.

    I’ll make some water into wine….and I’ll call up Mary Magdalene.

    But I have to warn you…

    If she shows up with her friends and starts washing your feet with her hair…

    She’ll try to suk your dik.

    The disciple replied…

    I know….

    I will not succumb to such blasphemous immoral behavior.

    But I only ask one favor….from the lord.

    Me and the fellas just packed in 29 30 gallon jugs of water.

    Could you please turn them into wine .?

    We have to install a stripper pole.

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