Homosexuals In Israel’s Armed Forces

Texe Marrs

American evangelicals, who revere Israel as the “Holy Land” and as the home of God’s Chosen, may want to reconsider their diseased theology. In fact, Israel is home to some of the world’s most energetic and active gays and lesbians—men and women who not only have same sex but regularly mock and despise our Lord Jesus Christ.

     The Apostle Paul, who warned against sexual uncleanness, lewdness, and fornication, would be appalled if he were to return to Israel today.  

     Paul specifically names “homosexuals” and “sodomites” as among those who will not inherit the kingdom of God (I Corinthians 6: 9-10).

Government of Israel Foots the Bill

The perverse Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu continues to spend millions of U. S. taxpayer dollars promoting a filthy and open display of sexual carnality by Israel’s gays. For example, the government officially endorsed the annual Gay Pride World Festival held each July in Tel Aviv.

     It was the Orwellian Ministry of Truth that paid the bills for thousands of American gays to travel to Israel this year to participate in the revelry. The publisher of Fagburn, a blog promoting gays and their culture had his trip paid for by the Ministry of Truth.

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24 thoughts on “Homosexuals In Israel’s Armed Forces

  1. Just wondering if anyone saw Matthew McConaughey’s latest film, The Beach Bum? I watched it last night and OMG, I couldn’t believe what I was watching, certainly a new low in film-making. So debased, cruel, perverted, heartless, conscience-less, absolutely NO SAVING GRACE. I felt slimed and shocked and pissed and infuriated and even grief-stricken that such an offering could come to us. To we, who are good, decent people. I know the Hollywood programming to demoralize us has been in place for many decades but I never expected it to accelerate so fiercely, to take a quantum leap off a cliff and into hell, and with a major star leading the parade. I wonder if McConaughey is being blackmailed, forced to do such work. It just seems so beneath him and unlike his other offerings.

    Just had to give my review. We starve for something of substance.


    1. Unfortunate since I did like McConaughey’s movies especially “Sahara” and “A Time to Kill.” But I don’t think he was forced into it. I doubt any actor will turn down a role for lots of loot just because the role is an abomination, especially in Hollywood. And glad you reviewed it. Don’t have cable or satellite (cut the cord-dish in 2017), but if I ever go back to Netflix which I likely won’t I will avoid this movie.

      1. I had read (years ago) that actors are given contracts to do a certain number of movies in a certain number of years, and there are some they (contractually) cannot refuse. I’ve no trouble believing that. The den of inequity leaves no crime uncommitted.



        1. Same with the music industry, and the same with Big Publishing as well (and boy, did Doubleday rip off Stephen King at the beginning of his career!)

  2. Good spot for this one…


    “I am very impressed by the improvement in readiness, by the fighting spirit of the soldiers and commanders, and mainly by the destructive power,” Netanyahu said. “I say to our enemies: The (military) has very great destructive power. Don’t test us.”

    “WE’LL SEND OUR FAGS AT YOU IF YOU DO!!!” he stated.

      1. Got into it with a jew troll (POS admitted out the gate he was a stinking jew) there.

        Apparently he was a favored son(ofab#tch) on that site, because the crossfire was fairly short-lived.

        @sswipe didn’t really have much game, I’m pretty sure that’s why I was aced so quick.

  3. Israel is a shit hole, I’d rather live in a construction site outhouse holding tank. Modern day hell on earth.

    1. Yep, when I went to college to get counselor certified the DSM-III-R was used in the early 90s, but in 1994 the year I got my Masters Degree the DSM-IV had come out and homosexuality was taken off the sexual disorder list. A lot of us students and even some profs were pissed off about this.

      Whenever the nextDSM comes out I can claim a likelihood that belief in Jesus Christ will constitute a “mental disorder”….now I know Jews pretty much control psychology (Frued, etc.) but mehtinks the Talmudic ones are beginning to take over…Noahide and all that. Will that be the point at which christian Zionists will be forced to make their decision–Christ, or Israel? Because they will then NOT be allowed to choose both like they do now!

      1. There is going to be some serious blowback on this cr@p soon, DL… inevitable.

        Even the sheeple will only stand for so much degradation.

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