3 thoughts on “Hospitals overwhelmed by flu deaths year after year, until this year.

  1. Smart people who do their own research and practice critical thinking, know that the cold and flu season is always, and has always, been with us. It’s just being called something else this year. I can imagine an evil think tank somewhere in 2019 coming up with a plan. “There has to be a way to use the hundreds of thousands of people who die every year from flus and respiratory ailments”. “There has to be a way we can use this to forward our entry into the Communist, new world order”. “We’ve got the people dumbed down enough to believe any hair brained story we come up with”. All that’s left now is the implementation of laws to “enforce” what ever compliance we want, from the people.
    The criminals are working overtime to come up with laws here in Wisconsin. The sad part is, most of the people here, are (and that goes especially for those who have a paper that says they are “highly Educated”), too indoctrinated to realize they are being scammed. Those fools will be all in for forcing any who question their government and it’s news media, to comply.

    1. Interesting that the image originally included with this article which had shown Google search results from previous years listing links to stories of hospitals overwhelmed with seasonal flu cases has apparently now been removed. I had to search Internet Archive in order to find it. I am wondering WHY it was removed and who removed it?

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