7 thoughts on “Hot Shots – Let’s Bring (The Somalis) To Minnesota!

  1. “But on Tuesday, after a monthlong trial in downtown Minneapolis, a jury handed down a verdict that is exceedingly rare in police shooting cases: Mr. Noor was guilty of murder.

    The shooting of Ms. Ruszczyk, 40, set off outrage as far away as Australia, where she had lived for most of her life, and forced changes in the policies and leadership of the Minneapolis Police Department. The trial drew intense attention among Minnesota’s Somali-American residents, many of whom wondered whether Mr. Noor, who was born in Somalia, would be treated fairly.”

    We saw how that worked out for Ms. Ruszczyk.


    1. If he were truly treated fairly his ass woulda been shot dead that very night , and within 5 minuets of him murdering that woman

      proves his “partner” is a POS along with that entire Pig Sty

      1. The POS will STILL get preferential treatment in the jail. He’s obviously been PC’d, otherwise he’d be dead already.

    1. Yes Mary, they also are responsible for bringing the Hmongs to Wisconsin and Minnesota. Bringing third world muslim cavemen and cave-women to the far north is one of the stupidest things I have seen these “do-gooders” do. They have caused unbelievable disruption to daily life in the north woods and the crime is through the roof.

    2. STRANGE MARY, THERE IS NO “SOCIAL SERVICES” IN THE BIBLE ,that i recall anyway…..or “lutherans” for that matter………

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