House Raided By Wal-Mart Loss Prevention! Plants Vanish

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The following was submitted by ‘Exposing The Truth’.

Riverside County California, City of Temecula:

A Team of Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Agents, up to 5 or more, stormed into a resident’s home and conducted a search warrant. Parents allege that item(s) were stolen from their home during the search. A complaint was filed and more were in the process of being filed until the family and child began to receive numerous threats which were racial towards the child, sexual, homosexual and threats with the intent to do bodily harm! The threats were so bad the parents say, it was one of many reasons in which they had to move.

The parents never gave any “civilians” (Wal-Mart Loss prevention) permission to enter their home which resulted in their property being searched and seized among many privacy violations. According to the subpoenaed documents, all Loss Prevention agents did state that the item(s) which were seized by Wal-Mart were in fact not theirs, nor were any of the items stolen from their store! Wal-Mart Loss Prevention agents chose to seize the item(s) anyway and the parents are outraged. Their child’s toy was even seized. A lawsuit has been filed which can be seen here and a Federal lawsuit is in the process of being filed on behalf of the child.

Also, a ”large amount of marijuana” was located at a resident’s home during the search, according to a Deputy Michael Hamilton who is employed by The Riverside County Sheriffs Department, and also a member of the S.E.T (Special Enforcement Team). Somehow, it disappeared! No one was charged for it, it was never booked into evidence nor tagged. Officer Michael Hamilton described it in court under oath, so what happened to it?

Between the Riverside County Sheriffs and Wal-Mart agents, it somehow disappeared, according to the victims. In the officer’s report it states that it was located but it does not state what happened to it, in fact very little is discussed about it. During Officer Michael Hamilton’s testimony more was explained about the marijuana than the police report stated.

On another note, nowhere does it state that an Invicta watch was seized amongst other items which the parents are alleging were stolen from the family during the search.

The parents are attempting to press criminal charges.

31 thoughts on “House Raided By Wal-Mart Loss Prevention! Plants Vanish

  1. I’m speechless right now, I am without speech. I know that is redundant but this is getting ridiculous. “Excuse sir, open up. It’s the rollback team here to conduct a search.” Absolutely ridiculous.

  2. I’m speechless as to why these pathetic idiots or anyone in this world would let a bunch of low-level Walmart loss prevention employees into their house for an inspection when these guys have about as much authority to come into your house as the neighbor’s dog. WHO THE F**K DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?? So do Walmart loss prevention employees (which they supposedly like to see themselves as “agents” HAHAHAAHAAHA!!!) have the equivalent power as the TSA, now? Are they going to take you to jail if they can’t molest you or use radiation scanners, too? I mean who the hell would decide to submit to letting them in their house. I’d laugh at them and shut the door in their faces. HAHAHHAAHAAHAAAHA!!! SLAM!!!

    1. No offense NC, but remember that those who shop and work for walmart realy do support this kind of thing happening ya know. Walmart should be in China or where ever they manufature and advertise their goods instead of trying to sell their crap to us stupid amerikans that buy that crap!. When people buy into their BS like amerikans have then they deserve to get what walmart – and all of the other capitalistic pigs got coming – has to give to them . Yea, and I think that that includes places like K-mart, Target, bestbuy, etc etc.

  3. o.k. as a European i have to say this – it’s been on my chest for ages.

    what the hell is it with Americans,
    you have a shitload of guns,
    you have the second amendment and a whole bunch of other laws that let you use them.


    in Europe most of us dont have guns,
    and those that do are only allowed to use them on paper targets or “wildlife”
    yet i can tell you now, if shit like this was to be tried, they would be leaving in plastic bags.
    why are Americans so damned passive?

    in Europe the police wont even aproach an unarmed citizen to ask them a question without atleast 2 other police in backup – that’s how we are here – we stand our ground.

    1. Sorry pete but over here in the us of F`n a we also have cops that will have more than just one to aproach a indivual/suspect! Difference is, is over here we got PIGS ya know. Difference is is that over here cops will shoot and kill you with the govt. backing the pigs up. Also us guys in the so called land of the free and the home of the brave do you find more corruption in the police department and in the other levels of govt. so along with that you also got a bunch of pussyfied people that want to talk the talk – here in the F`n usa – but don`t want to walk the walk. SEE WHAT I`M SAYIN`. I do not hang out with a lot of people because there are a lot of people – over here – that talk a lot of talk but they cannot even walk the walk. I do have some good people that do know how to talk and walk though. In other word – I have lost more than 1 or 2 that were murdered by the cops, and they were not pussy`s.

    2. @ pete: The sheeple in this country have several factors working against them – stupidity, for one, due to being deliberately dumbed down by our so-called ‘education system’, which is actually nothing more than an indoctrination system designed to prepare them for slavery to the NWO.

      Then there’s complacency (and apathy), due to having lives too good for too long, compared to much of the rest of the world, along with an innate sense of entitlement.

      But the # 1 problem with the majority of Americans, in my estimation, is without a doubt, WAY too much television. This Orwellian creation has destroyed whatever vestiges of critical thinking many of them may have had at one time. What laughingly passes for ‘news’ in this country (MSM) is nothing more than Zionist created and controlled propaganda. I would venture to guess that we are more propagandized in this country today than the Russian people were back in the fifties and sixties. Not surprisingly, most of the people I meet who are aware of the true nature of the world today watch little or no (myself) television at all. Also, much of the ‘programming here consists of either cop or one of our so-called ‘government’ agencies shows, which always portray them as nearly infallible and/or indestructible, which naturally makes the sheeple fearful. The so-called ‘government’s’ brainwashing has worked very well in this respect.

      Fortunately, to a degree, I’m meeting more and more people lately who are beginning to see through the lies and propaganda.

      The main question seems to be – will enough of them wake up in time before the SHTF?

      One can only hope.

      1. The main question seems to be – will enough of them wake up in time before the SHTF?

        no they wont.
        you can hand the information to them and stick it under their noses and they still wont get it.
        i’ve tried and just dont bother any more. i’ve given up in disgust

        yes the media plays a huge part in the conditioning
        i listened to a good speech by john pilger “the invisible government” yesterday regarding the propaganda tool that is the mainstream media.

        it can be found here

        1. Mark, I’ve been at it for a decade and I’ll NEVER give up.

          They are waking up, and there are plenty of numbers to prove it. Look at TV new ratings’ cliff dive, along with newspaper circulation, and the simultaneous purchases of enough guns every month of outfit the Chinese army.

          Don’t be fooled by an Obama victory. Our side doesn’t vote, and generally (and wisely) tries to remain as inconspicuous as possible, but there are the numbers above, and many others that prove they’re awake and ready, and only waiting for the right moment.

          Don’t stop fighting as long as you’re alive, because your life is what your enemy is trying to put an end to.

    3. Quote: “why are Americans so damned passive?”
      Simple. They drink fluoridated water!
      There’s no fluoride added to water in Europe!
      There was once in Nazi concentration camps & in Bolshevick run Gulags!

    4. pete,
      Why did you Brits allow yourselves to be disarmed if you are so goddamn bad? What a crock of shit. Don’t dis on my people as they haven’t taken ours yet as THEY HAVE TAKEN YOURS!!!

    5. Pete, you have to understand that these people were chosen as targets for this raid because like any other crooks, these “Wal-Mart loss prevention” thugs find victims who aren’t likely to fight back. I can guarantee that they’ll never appear at my house, and also that they’ll be dead upon entering it if they tried to.
      Americans have been the victims of a decades-long propaganda campaign designed to induce passivity, they’ve been drugged into stupidity by fluoridated water, and have also been provided with lives of “bread an circuses” just for the purpose of making them soft.

      These people were easy targets, and that’s why they were raided, but they’re NOT an example of the average American. They’re being used as an example here for the purpose of helping to wake Americans from their long slumber.

      They’re waking up rapidly all over this country, so just sit back and relax in merry ol’ England, because even from there you’ll once again be able to hear an encore of the “shots heard ’round the world”.

  4. “A Team of Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Agents, up to 5 or more, stormed into a resident’s home and conducted a search warrant.”

    Private Para-military mercs. Unless the Constitution is completely suspended by Magic Messiah, a search warrant that’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Pull that crap around here & I know “5 or more” that wouldn’t be going home to their loved ones tonight or ever.

  5. Wal Mart L.P.? Really?
    I would make it my life’s endeavor to make sure not a piece of any of them were ever found again.
    Something isn’t right about this story anyway….

    Really gettin tired of this stupid BS.


    ~Blessed Be to all~

  6. People can use all the excuses they want for why this country is heading quick toward tyranny but in the end there will be no excuse good enough to warrant the stupidity, ignorance and lack of thinking outside the box to know what is right and what is wrong. In the past, people have risen up and fought and won against TPTB and hundreds upon hundreds lost their lives in the process. Do we need violence and guns to do it? No. But there is NO collective thought process enough to make a dent in boycotting. If there was, Walmart would have been driven out of business way before now. No one needs to protest and worry about the cops throwing them in jail or getting injured, no one needs to take and gun and shoot up city hall. They need to fight with their almighty dollar and start boycotting these huge corporations who are abusing ALL of us. BOYCOTT, you fools!!!!!!! And start by not shopping at WALMART!!!!!

    1. “Do we need violence and guns to do it? No.”


      Since the so-called ‘government has purchased 1.8 BILLION rounds of ammo in the last year, does anyone else here HONESTLY believe we will have ANY other option???

      You must have swallowed the blue pill by mistake, Danielle.

  7. the comments reflect the intrepid trepidation of failure to connect the

    BRAINDEADGOY with “JEW” worship….

    Californication…”JEWTOPIA” is a hotbed of OVERT JEWISHNESS

    mainly on account of Hollywood…and terminally stupid braindeadgoy

    THE MASSES…”SOCIETY”….goody two shoes “Judeo-christians”…!

    want a liberating experience…tell the truth about the “JEWISH” in Public…

    say something INFLAMMATORY…like

    “It’s time to play Cowboys & Jews”….

    Jesus said…… “PUT THEM IN THE OVENS”…[Matthew 13]

    stuff like that…go to the Library and object to all the holocaustianity books in the “Reference” section…Demand that all the FICTION BOOKS be located in the FICTION SECTION….Have some fun

    don’t just stand your ground…have Dominion…OCCUPY !

    Flash mob a mall…

    confront STOOOOPIDITY with TRUTH

    1. Mr. Skirts, what exactly is wrong with how this article was written that would cause you to say such a thing? It sounds to me like you came here desperate to launch some kind of attack, and were left grasping at straws to do so. There’s nothing wrong with how this article was written, or it’s effectiveness at delivering the facts, but it seems to me that you’re more comfortable with better writers lying to you than a possible grammatical error or two showing up in the truth.

      The alternative media exists because the “professional” journalists do nothing but lie, and revealing important truths to the rest of America has been left to carpenters, plumbers, and soldiers. If you want to read your news from someone with a masters degree in journalism go pick up a copy of the NY Times, or find some other work of fiction to entertain your literary tastes. Some people appreciate the truth, and are willing to overlook a misplaced pronoun or an occasional example of regional slang to read the truth, rather than being lied to by a better writer.

      If you’d rather live in the fantasy world provided by professional writers that’s your business, but if you can’t appreciate finally finding a source of news that isn’t lying to you, get yourself some of the cheap, deceptive, but well-written entertainment that’s available at your local library.

  8. hmmm.
    i think it may be fear.

    but i got to say,
    i Europe we are bombarded with the usual “police terrorizing the public” shows.
    in germany they also get the “zoll(customs) terrorizing the public at borders” and “autobahn politzie(motorway police) terrorizing drivers for spot-fines” shows.

    and a few country’s do poison people with flouride – specially the u.k.
    and the u.k. police operate atleast one deathsquad that targets know gang leaders.
    (started a f$#king national riot last year with that shit too.)

    so it’s not your u.s. tv or flouride or police that’s different.
    maybe it’s war.
    i mean in Europe we have seen it in the streets, in the u.s. it’s only on tv – and maybe it’s just plain anger – we are sick of government bullshit and wont take any more.

    have you seen the video’s from greece of people “hosing-down” lines of riot police with high power green lasers?
    that’s one hell of a weapon at night!!!

  9. This is pure fascism. The merger of state and corporate power. This is what it looks like. Get used to it because you allowed it to happen.
    Look what it did to Europe last century stupid goyim sheep!


    1. That’s NOT a comment you’d care to make to any one of us face to face.

      Not if you’d like to continue breathing, that is.

      1. Easy brother, there is no comma.
        Flek is referring to the stupid goyim sheep in Europe. We haven’t reached that stage yet. Knock on wood.

  10. Didn’t mean to kick up a firestorm.
    Yes, I was refering to the Europeans.
    That said, we Americans are heading down the same road.
    History is sure beginning to rhyme again, my fellow Americans.
    The 11th hour is approaching very fast.


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