5 thoughts on “How about 45 seconds with Bibi?

  1. Context is key.

    I admit when I first saw the headline I thought it was the contest of a lifetime, although I personally would prefer a minimum of 5 minutes.

    1. After several years of observing the confidence of your personality and the resolve of your character, I falsely assumed you’d only need 12 to 18 seconds to get the job done. Now I have deeper insight into the workings of your mind and understand that this is something you would not want to rush.



      1. Haha 🙂 I would just like to make sure I cross all my “j’s” and dot all my “oo’s”.

        The Apollo Affair is grounds enough for a good “cross” to hang upon and dotting his o’s would just be insurance he’s not gonna get all “terminator” on US! Ya just never know with a devil like that!

        1. Had to look up The Apollo Affair. Sure, 600 pounds of highly enriched uranium “goes missing.” There were “accusations” it went to (where else?) ISRAEL!!

          So that’s how they advanced their weaponry.

          Once again, American Nationals pay.

          You might need 30 minutes. And bring friends.


          1. Yeah, and they threw the contaminants into Apollo and surrounding area, giving Americans a 20% higher cancer rate and the cleanup costing over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS. And that’s our “ally’….

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