How Apple Contributes to American Poverty – $1,500 for the iPhone X

Welfare money supposed to be used for everyday expenses now being used to by something that only a Saudi Prince can afford and nobody gives a damn. The Apple juggernaut continues to gouge the poor, the rich, the stupid.

Amazingly, Apple has gone unregulated when it comes to the ultimate con game of the 21st century, the separation of your money into its coffers, no matter what the cost to the addicted idiots who hand it over, just because they can.  

A routine that Apple has perfected over the years with no end in sight. Apple develops nothing more than a Swiss Army knife of goodies, basically a telephone, and the addicted go nuts, crazy over the release; the gotta have it idiots willing to splash everything so they look groovy while holding it proudly, making sure everybody sees them with the newest of the Chinese made, crack like money separators.

Apple will take your deposit, stick you with payments you can’t afford, while charging even more for the usage of it, by the minute of course, and it happens with every new device release, charging more every time.

Worldwide pandemonium feeding a trillion dollar empire that has a death grip on the masses. Chinese slaves contributing with their lives, while the stupid worldwide cough it up, a dirty little game, and nobody gives a damn.

Welfare parents making needless calls, while kids are screaming in the background because they’re hungry. Happy now Apple?

Apple’s contribution to mankind….

2 thoughts on “How Apple Contributes to American Poverty – $1,500 for the iPhone X

  1. Go spend $1,500 on an iPhone so they can track your movements, and spy on everything you do. It’s the latest gadget, so you have to have it.

    I must have some special talent that allows me to successfully handle all my telephone communications with a land line and answering machine. You need a $1,500 iPhone, so get in line with the rest of the idiots.

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