How can we survive without being part of a Militia Group. How much ammo would we need when things go wrong

Resist 1776 – by Greg Carithers

Hello All – Greg Carithers here again ready to address some concerns sent to me by a fellow patriot. I can’t address them all in one article, however; some of the questions and concerns do go hand in hand. As I looked through the list I realize there is a great concern about how the common person will survive during specific circumstances and the way the questions and concerns were posed to me, I felt a certain amount of loss and fear. Well, I’m going to do my best to cover some of the issues under concern and If I do my job correctly, I will not only relieve some of the fear I’m feeling but empower the readers who have these concern in knowing that survival is not only possible but imperative.  

I will not go over the list as sent to me but instead will choose the subjects and write as I know them along with research and time I spent in the military. As mentioned in past articles I was a combat medic for several years while serving my time in the military. I may have also mentioned that I was also a member of the Scout Sniper Corp. It is my experience as a Sniper that may lend some help with these subjects. I’ve chosen the following. (All of the concerns will be addressed but in a way I feel will be the most productive.)

How can we survive without being part of a Militia Group. How much ammo would we need when things go wrong.

The first subject we should start with is ammo. I want to start with this one because it will dictate the type of weapons we have chosen to use or keep with us. First – We can assume that if the question is asked – How can we survive without being part of a Militia group? We have to assume that the situation has become dire and even mobile. The weapons we choose in a post republic situation have to be smart and cover a wide range of possible needs.

Let start with Pistols. There are three common calibers of pistols that are popular in the US. The 9mm, 40 cal. 45 cal. – There are many others but these three are the ones that most people tend to gravitate toward. Why is this important?

If you arm yourself and your family with as least two of the three mentioned calibers of pistols, the chances for finding ammo in a post civilized time is much greater. Also, and this gets to the meat of the question of how much ammo should you have in stock. The answer is 1000 round per caliber. Try to have 1000 rounds of say 9mm rounds in stock and 1000 rounds of 40 caliber rounds in stock. Again, this is for the pistols. Also, try not to have more than two calibers of pistols in your safe. Why? It’s easier to have 2000 rounds of ammo to cover your 9mm and your 40 caliber than to have 3000 rounds to cover your 45 or 357 or 44 mag. or etc. My safe has many pistols. All of them are either 9mm or 40 calibers.

22 Rifles, more that one is invaluable. Get as much ammo as possible. Make sure the Rifle fires a LR or Long Rifle bullet. This way you can also shoot a short rifle bullet as well. A single bolt action is fine. Ammo is hard to get right now but getting better. This is the rifle that will feed you in hard times. The sound signature is low so as not to give away your position. It is perfect for rabbits, squirrels and any medium to small animal that will keep you alive. 22 rifles are extremely accurate and for a long distance. Also, with a long rifle bolt action my daughter is deadly. She is capable of shooting the eye out of a target at 400 yards with a Long Rifle bullet. This will put the lights out of any intruder forever if necessary. At least 1000 rounds but as many as you can get. They are light and easy to carry.

This is where people will argue – However for me it’s a matter of what you can get, what you can afford and what you trust. I speak of the two famous Assault Weapons. The AR 15 or the AK 47.

  •  AR 15 – Shoots a 223 or 5.56 mm round. The preferred      weapon of the US      military and its Allies. Light in weight. Easy to keep clean, proven in      battle and can be fixed with accessories such as Scope, night sites, etc.      When you can find one it’s going to be expensive.
  • AK 47 – Shoots a 7.62×39 mm round. The      preferred weapon of the US      enemies but the most manufactured Assault weapon in the world. Heavier      than the AR 15, tough, will shoot under water or immersed in mud. Parts      are interchangeable, also going to be expensive if you find one.


Both of these weapons are excellent. One will work for you as well as the other. The AK ammo is cheaper that the AR ammo. However, the AR ammo is easier to find than the AK ammo. What ever rifle you choose, 1000 rounds minimum. These are all over the streets and ammo can be found in a post civilized era. Some will say that they should have automatic capability. This is your choice but I would have to disagree. In a world where every round counts, there is no need to shoot more than one well placed round at a time. These are used for either offense or defense depending on the situation. They can be rigged for a med range sniper rifle and accurate from 600 to 800 yards. One well placed shot will take out an enemy attacker or kill a deer that will feed for months. I have an AK and built it myself. I have 2000 rounds on hand at all times and it’s ready at all times. My AK is sighted with a long distance fast removable scope and suppressor. I can change it from sniper rifle to Assault Rifle in a matter of seconds.

Last but not least a 12 gauge shot gun – Try to get a shot gun that has the longest tube and will hold the most amount of shells. Also, a shot gun that will take a pistol grip for assault use and a classic butt stock to be used hunting is most preferable. This is a life saver. A shot gun that has 8 in the tube and one in the pipe so to speak gives you 9 shots of buck shot in an assault situation. That means that every time you shoot, around 6 balls are headed toward the target. A good pump shot gun with 9 shells at your disposal will cause damage like no other. 500 rounds of number 6 buck shot, 500 rounds of bird shot. These guns come with different chokes that can be changed out very easily. One will be for buck shot. Others for big game and then others for feathered game.

These are the most important weapons to have and the base minimum. Since I have children I also have rifles for them as well.

Each child has a 9mm Carbine Assault Rifle. With each Carbine my children are able to shoot up to 400 yards with a quick attachment scope or shoot close quarters with iron sites. They have learned how to shoot rapid fire, shoot long distance, adjust for scope use, tear apart and put their weapons back together and also how to move in an urban and jungle format. My Son is a sharp shooter. My daughter is an expert in weaponry. My wife has a 40 caliber Assault Carbine and carries a 410 shotgun along with a 410 pistol. We have very little 410 shells as she has the Carbine and a 40 caliber pistol when those run out. All of my family are experts with any pistol they pick up.

Cleaning equipment for everything mentioned above. This answers two questions in one. A list of what you may want to consider in the way of Pistols, Rifles, and Assault Weapons along with extras, and the recommended amount of ammo.

This should answer the question of Ammo and firearms. Now for the question of –

How can we survive without being part of a Militia Group.

Well when president Bush said “if your not with us, your against us” he was pretty much speaking for the future. I would like to think we can trust Militia. But I must say that I have my doubts. My family has been reaching out to local Militia groups for years and it seem that they run on the good ole boy system. In other words, it’s not what you know and can offer a Militia group but who you know to get you through the gate. By that fact alone I wonder about the agenda some Militia groups may have. So is it the Militia that is using President Bush’s words or is it us who are left out that need to take these words to hart. You would think that with the way the world and in particular the US is going right now, Militia groups would be reaching out. This is not the case. They seem to be closing ranks. So what do we do?

If we are a small group, or a family that has been training and are prepared, we can be one thing Militia can not – Invisible. While training to become a Sniper, one of the things we learned was that while there is power in numbers, there is stealth in the lack of numbers. This is one reason I wrote about jungle warfare or Guerrilla warfare. I have to mention that this is assuming that things are so bad that we have become mobile. My family has practiced the basics of Scout/Sniper techniques. We all no how to make Ghillie suites, learning camoflauge, hand signals instead of radio use, sleeping without camp fires, pulling guard duty, Sniper duty, etc. All of these things can be learned and you can be safe against any group. You do not have to have the backing of a Militia or depend on anyone.

Having a place to go is they key, taking your time to get there is most important and following your plan without PANIC!!! You have heard this word from me before and I continue to use it as it is the what? The mind killer. Panic shuts your brain down and before you can think properly again, your captive, injured or dead. You have to have a place to fall back to. My family has a place to fall back to. It is a long way off. We expect that if something happens that walking will most likely be the travel of choice. Why? Because we can stay invisible in the woods, fairly close to water supplies, utilize trails when we can and jump off when necessary, form quick shelter and leave just as fast along with engaging in Guerrilla warfare when necessary. We know who walks point. We know when it’s necessary to hold shelter and pull recon. We also know when its necessary to set up a sniper nest and move. I have no doubt that we will make it to our fall back position where we have two other families waiting for us. If that position is compromised, we have another fall back position that takes us up north. And another further north if necessary. My point is that with proper training and studying the right kind of travel or mobile activity that is right for you, you have no use for a Militia holding you back, telling you what to do for play Army. If you study up on using Sniper tactics, Jungle tactics and the modern use of Guerrilla warfare when backed into a uncomfortable position, you will come out on top.

I would like to say that we could hit a trail and run into a member of a Militia group and they say, come on it and join our group. My fear is that they would take what they wanted and leave you for the dogs. As I said, I wouldn’t have ever thought that had I not tried for years to contact the local Militia close to where I am now. Never a response, never a call or email, nothing. And this leads me to believe that they are working on the good ole boy system.

Go to the trails in the woods and practice. Learn about Sniper tactics, Jungle warfare, Guerrilla warfare and you will make it so no one wants to bother you. First, they won’t know where you are. Second, no one will want take the chance loosing troops over a small faction or group that they can’t see or find. Third, by the time a group has decided all of the above, you are gone anyway. With practice, covering your trail, learning tricks of the trade from the Vietnam War and how they took care of numbers on the trail. You and your family will be safe and secure.

Oh and the Drone. They are looking for the large groups like Militia. You have the woods, trees, water, the elements on your side. They are so successful in the desert because there is no place to hide in a big sand box. Drones are made to look for movement. If you’re already practicing the tactics learned as mentioned above, it’s the larger groups they are going to see and you’ve already beat that as well. The trick here is to listen and watch. If you here the buzz. Stop, drop and hide. In the desert they can stay miles off and zero in because there is no blockage. In the states, they would have to be on top of you to do any good and by the time a relay made it back for a shot, you would most likely be gone.

Well that’s all I have for now. I will end by sending my love to my bothers and sisters and praying that God bless the Republic

Greg Carithers



6 thoughts on “How can we survive without being part of a Militia Group. How much ammo would we need when things go wrong

  1. My concern here is that a registered firearm would most likely be confiscated should martial law be imposed. In some states, it’s impossible to buy an AR/AK without it being registered, same for handguns.

  2. The militia group near me is hunting terrorists for Obama. These idiots don’t even know who the enemy is, so I’m certainly not going to be throwing my peas into their pot.

    In my opinion, the perfect militia group consists of you and a few friends that you’ve known for a long time, and that you can trust not to sell you out. (it sounds like the author’s family is a good example) Military training is important, but I think it’s secondary to working with someone you can trust. All the training in the world isn’t going to help you if you’re betrayed by someone in your group.

  3. Good info. and even though I live in Texas and they are pretty good with the militias, I’m almost positive that most of them have already been infiltrated by the government, either knowingly or unknowingly, so I’m hesitant to join even if I had the means to. The kind of militias that the author has pointed out seems to be the norm in Texas. Kinda sad. So my wife and I will just have to keep our eyes and ears open for like-minded friends or run for the woods and trees until something comes our way.

  4. Unfortunately, I’m resigned to urban warfare once the SHTF, unless I can get enough advance notice to hit the highway and get out of Dodge.

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