How did they get in there?

elephantThe problem is not HOW did they get in there… Although you really have to wonder,

It’s HOW do you get them OUT? – – especially the last one.



dog 2
cow 2

5 thoughts on “How did they get in there?

  1. I had to feel sorry for all of them animals until I saw that last beast. He got in there for the second time, amazing how a dumb animal/beast can do it twice. Good article there. I enjoyed it for sure.

  2. They’re animals (including the last one)….humans get their heads stuck in things all the time. And humans put that last animal behind that desk.

    I think you have to excuse anything with a brain the size of a walnut, but there’s no excuse for propping up a bath-house hopping crack-head to be our president.

  3. Desk appears clean – not unlike busy well organised executive.

    Hidden mic picked parts of conversation:

    No Reggie I’m very busy tonight ….it’s not like that… of course i want to
    see you and …. the press is all over me here about those hugs and …
    No I won’t do that… those drones have blocking programs for people not on my Lists.. No No of course your not on any of those lists… who told you that you were… It’s just not true.. that’s different Reggie..

    We are Legion

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