7 thoughts on “How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

  1. Homeless people live in a world that’s beyond status symbols, electronic gadgetry, and the false sense of security that’s paid for in cash by most Americans. This complete lack of material wealth allows human decency to flourish because it’s all they have left.

    America will be much nicer place when everyone’s broke. Only then will you see people helping their neighbors, out of necessity at first, but that will grow into a new sense of community that we haven’t seen since the Great Depression, which was the last time everyone was broke, and which event fostered a lot of the neighborly traditions that were recently lost in the new “gilded age”, which taught everyone to be a cheap whore.

  2. Consider this – the Federal Government has been facilitating the arrival of half a million illegals from Mexico and South America – recently it was reported in the MSM to rub our noses in the fact that Obama detests Americans – he has authorized the built out of a facility to house illegals in luxury – they will have cottages with Big Screen TVS, the latest computers, a cafeteria will prepare for them 3 hot meals a day but it will stay open 24 hours a day for snacks, he will give them free medical and dentistry – all this until they can be moved out into our communities where we the taxpayers can provide school and jobs for them….the cost of keeping them in this special facility will be about $296.00 per day per illegal….
    This is Nation busting………more and more Americans are pushed into poverty each year, what does this government do for hungry citizens? Property taxes have been skyrocketing and Americans are being forced from their homes as the illegals put a strain on the system….Congress does nothing………
    How much more of this will Americans stand for?

  3. And you can bet the kid in this video even knows who we won our Independence from, who won the Civil War and who our first president was, in addition to who our vice president is.

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