How Ignoring Usury Makes Us All Look Like Fools

The Left-Right DivideReal Currencies – by Anthony Migchels

The bickering of the right and the left looks more hopeless everyday. The eternal Capitalism vs. Marxism dialectic is alive, but is it still well?

As we know, the Money Power directs history through dialectics. By creating two camps with a narrative that both suit our masters, they co-opt opposition.

Both sides of the coin always have some good points and some very bad ones. Because people feel forced to make a choice, they are seduced into the evil/lesser evil kind of thinking that is so symptomatic of the Dark Side. By polluting an in itself worthwhile position with other nasty ones, they get what they want anyway.  

Crucial to the dialectic is that both camps ignore the true issues, or are in tacit agreement about them.

Capitalism and Marxism both are fundamentally materialistic ideologies. They deny Spirit. That’s why it’s so atrocious that self styled ‘Christians’ defend Capitalism, or that the lefties try to claim Jesus for themselves, because of his love for the poor. This truly is a war against God, ultimately.

The other key issue is, of course, Usury. Capitalism is the idea of ‘return on investment’ and this is unthinkable without Usury. Marxism was designed to co-opt opposition against Capitalism and its banking by claiming private control of the means of production is the probem, instead of this private control being consolidated in ever fewer hands through Usury.

So let us analyze two typical, current examples.

Walter Block and his ruthless attacks on the poor
Block recently made some waves by claiming Black families were doing better under slavery than under the welfare regime of the Great Society.

Here’s an interview with RT:

Everybody fell over him for this and that was probably the idea.

But it cannot be denied that his basic point is fair: welfare creates dependence. It also creates a class of people that will vote for even more Government, more taxation, more detailed management of our lives, more fines, more jail. And worst of all: more civil ‘servants’ and politicians.

Of course, the demise of the family is not only, or not even mainly caused by welfare: the welfare state has been in decline since the early eighties and the demise of the family is only accelerating. The not-so-gay lobby, sexual ‘liberation’ and feminism are more important. But, these (Government sponsored) social engineering outrages are explained away by Libertarianism as ‘Freedom’.

Also note that Block in this video mentions other issues that are bad for the working class, like getting rid of the minimum wage, while spending one second on corporate welfare, which has a far larger impact on the Budget than programs assisting the poor.

This is the same trick as the New York Times uses: reporting an outrage they support in one paragraph on page 42 and then claiming they’re not ignoring it.

Walter Block and his buddies must do this, of course, since it is big bucks from big banking and big business that finance their think tanks.

And how about the Left?

In this short and forceful vid Robert Reich connects the dots in the war against the poor. A minimum wage in decline in real terms, slashing food stamps, medicare, not rebuilding crumbling infrastructure, which could solve the massive unemployment and inactivity all over the States and another few issues.

Is he right that there is a virulent war against the poor? He sure is. As Buffett put it: “There’s class warfare, alright, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

But while this war against the poor (and the middle class too) is real, Reich is defending patches. He’s not at all pointing at the true cause of poverty: Capitalism and its Banking and Usury.

By ignoring the root cause of the problem, he is relegated to defending ‘solutions’ that clearly disempower many people. Who wants to live from food stamps? Who wants to pay for them? Nobody of course.

Yes, it’s ghoulish to take them away, especially with the ‘high minded’ ‘it’s all for your own good in the long run’ rhetoric of the Libertarians.

But because he’s not looking deeply enough into the economic realities, he must deny the good points the right makes. He must sell his patches by saying it’s better than have people starve. And while I’m with him on this and feel much closer to the left on these issues (while deploring their Cultural Marxism), statist intrusion to our lives is the fundamental Marxist mindset.

40% of what we pay for the goods we buy are usury passed on in prices. It’s even 50% of taxation. All this usury goes to the rich, we’re talking up to $2 Trillion per year in the US alone, far outpacing economic growth even in good times.

And people wonder why the US’ income distribution is at Haiti level?

What use is it complaining about welfare with this massive hand out to the rich? What use is it promoting welfare while ignoring the cause why people need it?

Let us end the dependency of the rich on the poor for their usurious income. Let them find a job or start a business, instead of just milking the credulous masses under State protection.

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2 thoughts on “How Ignoring Usury Makes Us All Look Like Fools

  1. I’ve been reading real currencies for a while.
    Anthony, thankfully, is looking into real solutions.
    Usury is the main enemy. If they don’t talk about ending usury…they’re just talk.


    1. It’s their bread & butter. To end usury, we have to end the so-called ‘jews’ existence.

      Preferably with EXTREME prejudice.

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