4 thoughts on “How Law Enforcement Infringes On Your 4th Amendment Rights..

  1. This article is retarded. Ten years ago CEO’s who had trucks and cabs driven by employee’s could track their drivers to “the foot” everywhere they went. Time, date, distance, everything. When the employee spent 15 minutes to much time at McDonalds for lunch the CEO could question him about it. Are you trying to tell me the “cops” don’t have this technology.???

  2. I tend to agree with your assessment Joe in JT. That’s why I like the editorial staff at the “Trenches”. Too many of us to let much slip by.

  3. Same exact method of triangulation which the Nazi’s used against agents of the OSS and the French Underground…….nothing new.
    The Nazi’s used this method to ferret out morse code stations sending and receiving valuable information to be used against the axis powers.
    Those who’re unaware of, or learn, their history will experience it.
    The life expectancy of a typical agent, dropped behind enemy lines, was less than 30 days. But many were willing to be trained and go ….for they knew the consequences if they didn’t ….Global Tyranny.
    Tyranny, not too much unlike what we’re witnessing being set up today.
    I agree with others who mention the fact that even when the phone is turned off, it really isn’t.
    For the system is in contact with the device at all times. So it appears that it would “ping” out general information that could be used to locate an individual “sim” card.
    They are all numbered and issued. In a crisis scenario, it would be best to ditch your known phone in a taxi or on a truck, somehow.
    Then, having previously purchased throw phones, which will be used only once, where upon being immediately discarded.

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