How many illegal foreigners are there actually in the United States?

It was reported in the mainstream about this time last year that we were seeing an exodus of illegal aliens leaving the United States because of our bad jobs market.  We called this fraud a fraud and countered that as amnesty was being pushed at every level and as the US safety net is open to any and every illegal, quite the opposite would have to be the reality.  And now we are finding out that we were absolutely correct in our deduction.

It was recently reported that only 3% of those attempting to invade across our southern border are even being acknowledged as the multitudes continue to swarm in.  The fact is the numbers coming in from the south are escalating as new guarantees for amnesty are being put forth by the traitors in both the false left and false right of the false paradigm.  

In a recent speech, Rand Paul said, “Hey, there are 11 million of them here; we can’t just throw them out.”  Well how about this?  There are 90 million of them and either they are going to have to go or we are going to have to go.

Imagine this scenario.  Our economy, the world economy, crashes and America goes the way of the Weimar Republic.  Just as starvation sets in, the true number is revealed and we find out that there are actually 100 million foreigners illegally in our country, feeding off of our resources as our own people are starving to death.  Any attempt to lawfully remove these criminals at that time will quickly be condemned as ethnic cleansing.  Too big to fail, too big to jail, and now, too many to expel.

Wake up and smell the coffee and whatever you do, don’t let our enemies have so much as one of our guns as we are going to need them all.

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  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Yes, Rand Paul, we CAN throw them out, and your, lying, scheming, treasonous arse can be thrown out right alongside of them, but personally, I’d rather see your head being used as a soccer ball right here at home.

  2. Sunfire says:

    “How many illegal foreigners are there actually in the United States?”

    Regardless of what the actual number is, one is too many as far as I am concerned. The fact that we the citizens of this country are forced to pay for the food, education, medical care, etc. of these criminals disgusts me to no end. You want to resolve the deficit? Deport every last one of these criminals, and charge their home country’s government for whatever amount was spent on them here. Cutting off all foreign aid would be another good thing to do.

  3. ROBERT says:

    THERE has to be 11 million in CALFORNIA alone!

  4. NC says:

    “In a recent speech, Rand Paul said, “Hey, there are 11 million of them here; we can’t just throw them out.””

    Dumbest saying of the year award goes to……RAND PAUL!!!

    “Well how about this? There are 90 million of them and either they are going to have to go or we are going to have to go.”

    So now you are giving them the option of staying, Rachel or saying that we should leave our own country for them? Why should I leave? That shouldn’t even be an option. Go and leave the country yourself if that’s how you feel. To the illegals, GET THE F**K OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!! IT’S NOT UP FOR A MATTER OF DEBATE!!! To Rand Paul, go stand in the corner for the moment, your treasonous ass will be dealt with shortly.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      What’s your problem, dude? Rachel is absolutely right. Either we get rid of the insurgents or they will replace us. The fact is they are already replacing us.
      Rachel said, “They have to go or we have to go”. She didn’t say, “go to another country”, “go to North Carolina”, or “go to hell”. She just said either we or they are going to have to go.
      Rachel is a patriot and I would not recommend attacking her on this site again.

      • Steve Apple says:

        Henry You stick out your tongue RIGHT NOW, aha no “green”just as I thought an “inposter” or mr shivley is in a comical mood this a.m.,This is how I thought we should deal with these nut cases back in 01 just laugh and make fun of each and every insane crazy solution of terrorizer report they put forth.As far as eliminating these invading hoards of fkn mescans I say we put a BOUNTY on their hides just like coyotes and rattlesnakes at 5bucs a head many could solve their lack of cash and a job problem NO LIMIT-just a continuous OPEN SEASON on all invaders would clear them out in 6months.//

      • NC says:

        Look I’m just a little overly sensitive today, I guess. She just made it sound like either they go or we should just get up and go and that just touched me off. I apologize, if I’ve offended anyone.

  5. Scotty says:

    Rand Paul=controlled opposition spouting half-truths. The actual number of illegals here is probably 2-3 times what is hinted at. Illegals are being INTENTIONALLY imported here to the US. State governors and mayors of cities know exactly what’s going on, yet keep quiet and refuse to attempt any prevention. Why?? Because your Zionist-friendly gov’t offers “funding” for certain projects, and extortion to those not in compliance. Some politicians call it “foreign aid”. Illegals are penetrating ALL boundaries, not just the southern one. Any coastal or northern border state with larger populations are potential inlets for this influx because of physical convenience and the ability to quietly “blend” the illegals into the populous without causing a stir until it’s too late. That’s when higher crime and population sprawl surface creating the need for more housing, public indoctrination centers, public services and utilities, welfare programs, etc. and higher taxes to those already paying them. Some politicians call this “progress”. NWO ideals remove sovereignty from all countries and create new citizen populations when current populations prove uncontrollable and no longer profitable to the bank/gov’t matrix schemes. Imagine a dairy farmer changing his herd and becoming a pig farmer. America is being systemically replaced with cheaper slave labor to serve the NWO interests and their bottom line.

  6. Karen Miller says:

    Yes, this is something to muse about . . . unless there could be assimilation and a unified purpose. Even without them, then you have becoming a potential palestinian . . . rough times. We need to unify despite that or depend on the pole shift to do the sorting!

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