How Safe Are Your Bug Out Escape Routes? 7 Ways To Get There Safely

My Fellow Trenchers,

Here is a short interesting video discussing some of the concerns related to “Bugging-Out”.

Not a great video, but not bad either and is worth the 16 minutes to watch, especially if you have little experience with dealing dire situations and the kind issues you may have to deal with on short notice.

In the Tactical Report segment, I will be covering “Bugging-Out” and related concerns of how this effects the individual and the kind of supplies/equipment you may want to consider in your planning, so this video dovetails well with that subject matter.

JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny

8 thoughts on “How Safe Are Your Bug Out Escape Routes? 7 Ways To Get There Safely

  1. I carry a small pack where ever I go, only because I find needing so many things all the time. I mean I gotta have my stuff man! For lack of a better way of putting it.

    That leatherman tool ( I got the leatherman surge) is a big one for example, and that custom medical kit is a biggy. A good pair of scissors is huge..( minature sheers). Numerous other things, John and Henry will show us what’s up.

    Its always interesting to see what others put into their kits. I’m a big tool nut, but of course you have to be careful of weight.

    I’ve seen some of John’s tool collection. FORGETABOUTIT.. hundreds of thousands of dollars., unbelievable…

    Oh yeah, lets not forget your mask!!!! Hahahaha..

    Yeah, plenty of good maps…

    Oh yeah, think about a good minature drone with a good camera..

  2. I’ve got a couple of bob’s and they’re definitely a good idea to have fora last ditch effort, JD, so thank you to a man who understands some things.

    Getting down to a point in life where I’d rather make them wish they’d packed one for themselves but there isn’t anything wrong with regrouping and living to fight another day.

    There’s bo wrong answer, just the wrong answer for you, yours and the time at hand.

    I ain’t gonna live forever and I am cool with that. Known it for a long time. I don’t know how I am gonna die but I know how I am gonna live and that’s my choice. Mine and mine alone and I want to be free.

    1. That right Martist, you got to make the best of a shit hole situation, God how I wish I was 45 again. This getting old shit sucks!

  3. JD, he spoke a lot about the potential violence and danger one might run into so I was expecting him to recommend including a trusty firearm in the bug-out planning. Maybe he covers this in other vids, but I kept waiting and it didn’t show up here amidst the other good advice.


    1. Hi Galen,

      Roger that.

      That’s part of the reason I said it’s a good video, but not a great one.

      In the end, there is a whole lot that was not mentioned, but as a short introductory on the subject, it’s perfectly fine. A comprehensive video on the subject would turn this 20 minute into a 5 hour lecture, which would kind of defeat the purpose here, which I think is to simply get the person’s thinking in line with what such a situation might entail.

      In the end, it comes down to individual judgment, experience, training and expected circumstances that help dictate what constitutes a proper kit for each of us, but certainly individual security is always a concern, especially when there is a break down in social conditions.

      I’ll be discussing this in greater detail for the next couple of weeks, as it appears we could see intentional unrest materialize in this country (as well as others) so it is critical for our people to understand what kind of material preparations they need to consider, but also how the stresses of such a radical shift in our day-to-day living will inflect it’s own kind of traumas to deal with.

      JD – Now Is The Time To Prepare For The Worst…

      1. Thanks, JD. And you mention “stresses.” I wonder how many don’t realize the level of stress we are under. I mean just observing myself I see that I soldier on but underneath there is stress because of what the bast*rds have done to life on earth. And there’s all the emotions that come with it from rage to sorrow. I use that to make me fight harder, especially in these unprecedented circumstances. Who could ever have known it would come to this level of insanity? Anyway, thanks for covering so many aspects of readiness and preparedness. It clears some of the debris from the road ahead. Appreciated.


  4. Where I live and my wife’s medical condition preclude any type of a walking bug out. Either we get out in my truck, or we are stuck here.

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