How Texas’ Power Grid Failed During Historic Winter Storm

Feb 19, 2021

The icy weather that left millions without power in Texas has critics of the Biden administration’s fight against climate change blaming renewable energy, but the failures have more to do with an ill-prepared power grid and shortfalls in traditional electricity sources.

Energy analysts and experts said the blackouts in Texas underscore the U.S. electric system’s need for more of almost everything, from additional power lines criss-crossing the country to large-scale storage systems that can supply electricity when demand spikes or renewable generation declines.

5 thoughts on “How Texas’ Power Grid Failed During Historic Winter Storm

  1. I’d blame it on both renewable ‘green’ energy crap and the fact that ERCOT (parent company for our electricity provider WTU) ‘forgot’ to protect and winterize equipment because this sort of thing only happens every ten years or so (last Big Freeze was 2011 and it really only affected my neck of the woods). No excuses, they knew it was coming.

  2. Lived in Texas almost half a century. NEVER had anything anywhere similar to what went down:6-9 hours no power, 20 min-2 hours w/power – for 3 days in 1-5 degree weather. Chi coms were bragging & celebrating how we (US) a failure. Everyone prep for shortages; gas, food, energy, water, jobs, etc. welcome to chi com China, thanks to Beijing Biden & a FRAUDULENT election. I said it! The f word! We are hostages & what they’re doing is /was/ are acts of war. Disgusting

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