How the Conspiracy that Corrupted Congress, the News Media and Academia also Took Over Medicine.

Before It’s News

It’s fairly well accepted that there is corruption at the top. “The Untouchables was a TV myth about Chicago booze that said nothing about the oil comanies gettng rid of the electric streetcars in LA and everywhere else and even less about how wonderfully cheap, clean-burning and replenishable alcohol is as truck and car fuel; Nixon was just caught covering up evidence on the Kennedy Assassination and what was the point of impeaching Clinton over a little spot on a dress?  

Unfortunately, we also accept the paradigm: “That’s Just the Way it is and You Can’t Fight City Hall”.  But it will not hurt to find out how it was done… Tom Dennen

4 thoughts on “How the Conspiracy that Corrupted Congress, the News Media and Academia also Took Over Medicine.

    1. How very sad choice should always be allowed in everything that does not harm anyone.

      Recently I had a knee replacement to my right leg. It was a long drawn out process that had my knee totally without range of motion, pain, nerve excited all over my lower leg and severe swelling of the knee, calf and foot, that stung and burned my skin. The surgeon just kept telling me be patient it will heal. The surgery was Aug. 2, 2013 and in the middle of October I sought help, no progress had been made except some forced range of motion on my part and walking very unsteadily with a walker.

      I sought help and a good person a radio host sent me free Curcumin 4000x and Turmerol. Within four days the pain was gone, one week the swelling was reduced more than 50% and range of motion was now possible a lot easier. I couldn’t afford physical therapy so You Tube had all I needed for the exercises required. Camu Camu was for bone and muscle repair and magnesium for healing and immunity strengthening.

      I am now a new person working on distance since my muscles weakened over the time I was in a wheelchair, for almost a year due to a fracture of the shin bone just a little below the knee of the same leg. This had to heal before I could get the knee replaced. I can now walk three long blocks and climbing.

      I also added Earthing to my recovery and that does wonders too. I have also added Dangeon Breathing, which is low impact exercises for balance to prevent any falls. Nothing in my recovery came from so called modern corporate medicine except the physical therapy.

      I can not believe how much I have improved and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn of this. Thank you Joyce.
      I stand by alternative medicine.

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