How to Send Private Emails Without the Government Knowing About It

private emailThe Daily Neutron – by Gung ho

There is one nifty, little secret that will enable you to send private emails, using google or yahoo or whoever, without the government knowing it.

It used to be that mail was sacred. Nobody went through the mails. It took a major effort to get a subpoena to get into your mail.  

Then along came email. It replaced the mail, and, suddenly, the government found it could get into your private email without all the bother of subpoenas and the fourth amendment.

So the government suddenly feels the need to pry and poke into everything.

What are they scared of?

They aren’t using the email to catch terrorists, or they would have gotten the Tsaernov brothers! Or they would have caught Major Hassan!

But, instead, they just want to poke into the private affairs of law abiding citizens!

What is the government really afraid of?

Why are our leaders acting like paranoids asscunts?

Okay, rant off, info on. Here’s how you send emails without the government knowing it.

You log in to your google account, or yahoo, or whatever. You prepare a draft. You don’t send it. You log off.

Your brother-in-law, two thousand miles away logs into that same account as you. He looks at the draft, then erases it.

Mail is never sent!

All you have to do is set up one account that two people, or more, have the password to.

Now, eventually the government will tumble to it. Edward Snowden, after all, claimed that the government could read your computer while you were working on it.

I don’t think so. Not yet, because if you look at the info packets in and out of your computer there just isn’t enough information going out to think that the government is doing this yet.

But, eventually you’ll have to find some other way, or maybe just bite the bullet and send a real mail.

Real mail tends to get where it is sent without the government opening it.

But, for now, this clever, little trick will enable you to talk about whatever you want, with whoever you want, without the prying and obnoxious eyes of Big Brother poking into your affairs.

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14 thoughts on “How to Send Private Emails Without the Government Knowing About It

  1. I don’t buy it, it’s not safe, I CAN BREAK this security. As sysad will poke right into your inbox with midnight commander (big tree) or the command line cp a b . Just saving a draft doesn’t make you safe. Even if you encrypt it, it can be copied as it’s stored as a unix file and broken or exploited later, maybe they find your password somewhere else. Which begs the question where do you keep your passwords. The fact that you have an internet connection connected to such a network and add the fact that FIOS SPLITTERS exist is beyond most people’s visualization.

    “10 billion digital bits can be transmitted per second along an optical fiber link in a commercial network, enough to carry tens of thousands of telephone calls.”

    I mean come on, anyone can go to eBay and buy this stuff (Belkin will sell ya 500 feet of 6 strand for $219 (hell for a vault you don’t need distance), and any programmer can write code to search and filter what they suck up off their own networks. IT’s not just fiber optics, it’s everything. There’s no national security threat, these are off the shelf parts, and such code is already in the mind of programmers.

    So when you hear fiber optic cable splitter your getting a better idea now you know what one STRAND of fiber optic cable can do. There are different kinds of cables but I just wanted to make a point that people can visualize what 6 strands of this cable would be six times “tens of thousands” of telephone lines (For this kind of Cable) Clearly you could wrap up everything that’s copper fairly quick. (a few days work?, or less with better cable)

    The real national security threat is lack of the creditable answer and the insolent continued activities as to why this technology is being pointed at Americans, in breech of officials sworn oath of office and apparently without recourse?

  2. This won’t work because the data is still transmitted from your free email provider to you via your ISP and intercepted by the NSA at that transmission. Your browser transfers the information so it knows how/what to display to you on your screen. It does make it harder for the NSA because they have to pull it from your HTTP/HTTPS stream, but it doesn’t make it impossible, particularly if you are already a targeted subject.

  3. Duh, Gung Ho, that is exactly what Petraeus and his girlfriend were doing. The FBI went directly to Gmail and read them.
    If you use Logmein or you can view the files (messages) on a remote screen without any file transfer or off-site storage. They would have to monitor the session on-the-fly.
    Even better, have one person set-up a WiFi (share the password) then communicate directly (but from a distance) without ever going near an internet connection

  4. can that draft be a picture. What if you made a message seperately, scanned it and put an image. An image that could not be processed to keep the message. The message could include pictures instead of words. ie a picture of a “bomb’ instead of an analysible word?

    1. It is my understanding that ALL images are reviewed, I saw a picture of NSA? in front of a (very large) screen with dozens of frames. They may have been only looking for “Child pornography” but I would not count on it.
      The best way at present, is to use a typewriter (apparently this is what Russia is doing with sensitive documents) and send via US post office. There are laws against USPS interfering with the mail.

      1. Since when has the so-called ‘government’ paid any attention to the ‘law’, other than to use it to prosecute those not part of their ‘club’?

        1. I understand that, but to the best of my knowledge, they do not/can not scan the contents, only the front and back of the envelope.
          With digital mails and calls, they can not only know who called whom and when, but also access the actual call / message. With snail-mail, they only have from whom and to whom.
          Of course, if you lied about your name as a sender, and then used a “Nom de Guerre” for the recipient, they would only have a delivery address.
          But if you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear. That is what all my friends tell me.

      2. Hey PJ, you are hallucinating if you think for 1 minute that just because it’s against the law to interfere with the USPS that your snail mail is secure. Everything the NSA is doing now is illegal so what’s to prevent them from looking at your mail. ” Your papers please!”

  5. I’ll go one more step.
    Don’t play their “chess game” (where chess games equals internet/web)
    People need to look up PirateBox and Mesh networking, go set up a parallel networks. Solve the Buffering problem….

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