How To Survive Police Interrogation At Your Door “I Don’t Answer Questions”

Cop Block – by Kenny Suitter

Date of Interaction: 3/14/14

I thought you folks might want to see how I protected my Fifth Amendment Constitutional Rights during this encounter with a law enforcement official in St. Charles, MO at my door. Perhaps you can learn from this and incorporate the phrase, “I Don’t Answer Questions,” during your next encounter.

6 thoughts on “How To Survive Police Interrogation At Your Door “I Don’t Answer Questions”

  1. Excellent !
    But be aware ….
    IF they do get a warrant, and come back,
    one should be at the ready ……………..

    1. To bust ya or to get you to give him info and snitch on a freind or someone Tom. Why else would they be there?

  2. Yea right, if a damn cop is gonna be knockin` on your door in the first place he already suspects that you or someone else is up to something and if you open the door and the cop has reason to believe that a felony is being commited in the house that he can legally – at least here where I am at – come into your house and arrest ya, but he better find what he is looking for.
    Yea, you can bet that if a cop comes knockin` on your door that you or someone at that address is already in trouble or is under investigation – guarenteed.
    Remember that it is a cops job to make as many arrests as possible and that is a fact – there is no such thing as a peace officer any more.
    A cop is not your friend

  3. Caught him off guard. He’ll be better prepared next time.

    btw, I doubt that line would work on LAPD. They’re not nearly as complacent as that cop was.

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