How Vaccine Deaths Get Covered Up…

Learn the Risk – by Brandy Vaughan

When a baby or child dies after a vaccine, there is nowhere on the coroner’s form or death certificate to check “vaccine reaction.”

So deaths are ruled Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs), Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome (SUDs) or unknown. These labels are NOT actually causes of death. 

They’re all used when a healthy baby or child dies suddenly and the coroner cannot find the cause….but maybe that’s because they’re not looking in the right direction.


23,000 babies die in the U.S. every year on or before 12 months of age, making the U.S the MOST dangerous developed country for babies. (1)

Guess what? The statistics for children aren’t much better with the U.S leading the way with the highest rate of child death in the developed world. (2)

And the ones that don’t die, get sick. Chronic health issues are skyrocketing among American children with nearly HALF of all kids suffering a chronic illness. With numbers like these, the U.S. has one of the sickest childhood population in the developed world (see a pattern here?), despite spending more per capita on ‘health’care than any other country in the world. (3)

It’s clearly not lack of care…but too much. American children are given more vaccinations and drugs than anywhere in the world.

Please do the real research on vaccines and drugs…before you regret it.

To start your research on vaccines, click here.

To see more than a thousand studies showing the health damage vaccines can do, click here.

*This comment is from Canada, but it’s the same situation in the U.S.*


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