HS student turns bullying survey into epic criticism of statism, dumbing down of America

schoolindoctrination3WTF RLY? – by Baran Hines

A 15 year old high school student by the name of Jeremy Rich uploaded a photo of what he says is a survey on bullying he filled out at Kingwood HS (Texas?). His responses to the questions are redirected as a scathing criticism against the increasing indoctrination of children in US schools.  



The process happening in American schools was a subtle one but today it is manifesting in ever more apparent ways. The picture below is one that can accurately represent the trends.


Those are strong assertions but they are corrborated by whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt, who served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of Ronald Reagan. The change in the education system has essentially produced a nation of people increasingly lacking in critical thinking skills.

Consider the case of a frustrated father with a Bachelor’s in electronics engineering who vented over the convoluted teaching methods in Common Core which are causing controversy especially over the process of solving math problems.

Yahoo Shine
A Facebook update from a father frustrated with the Common Core math program at his son’s school is making the Internet rounds after the father Jeff Severt expressed (via what looks like a kid’s homework assignment) how convoluted the teaching approach is.

The worksheet posted to Facebook shows the elaborate Common Core (CC) formula for solving a math problem (as opposed to the simple strategy of subtracting the smaller number from the larger one). It instructs the student to explain why a fictional kid named “Jack” should be using common core strategies to solve the problem: “Jack used the number line below to solve 427 – 316. Find his error. Then write a letter to Jack telling him what he did right, and what he should do to fix his mistake.”

Severt’s response reads, “Dear Jack, Don’t feel bad. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering, which included extensive study in differential equations and other higher math applications. Even I cannot explain the Common Core mathematics approach, nor get the answer correct. In the real world, simplification is valued over complication. Therefore, 427 – 316 = 111. The answer is solved in under 5 seconds — 111. The process used is ridiculous and would result in termination if used. Sincerely, Frustrated Parent.”


Where is this going?

Society is being split apart by wealth inequality caused by financialization and lack of education, leading to a further state of intellectual disadvantage, en masse. It is a chicken and egg cycle that can be observed today in the consistent theme coming from executives in corporate America. The American workforce is largely less intelligent and more suited for jobs involving thoughtless repitition, rendering them human robots. The disputed quote of tycoon John D. Rockefeller is a hint that the banking and corporate cartels have long been interested in a workforce made up of people that don’t think too hard about the low wage labor slavery that has taken over America now.

I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.

The human robots are about to be replaced with real ones.

As Fast Food Workers Go On Strike In 100 Cities, Applebees Unveils The “Waiter Terminator”
Meet “Smart Restaurant”: The Minimum-Wage-Crushing, Burger-Flipping Robot
McDonald’s orders 7,000 touchscreen kiosks to replace cashiers

The dumbing down of America is not accidental and it is in fact happening. Look around at the young “adults” of today and apply that trend to children. It is happening fast.


Final Grade

Finishing where this started, with young Mr. Rich, it is important to note that repetition and conformity are beneficial in some areas. Like spelling… Errors undermine messages. Well done though Mr. Rich, this receives a 98/100 here at WTF News.


Otherwise, things can turn into a catastrophe quickly… Or a cat-ass trophy, depending upon how one sees things.



4 thoughts on “HS student turns bullying survey into epic criticism of statism, dumbing down of America

  1. I like it,would like it better if he spelled felony correctly,but,guess that is a example of the lack of basic education happening in many(not all)schools.

  2. “Society is being split apart by wealth inequality caused by financialization and lack of education, leading to a further state of intellectual disadvantage, en masse.”

    Not true. The “intellectual disadvantage” only begins when your kid is vaccinated, and enrolled in public school. When he’s born he’s smarter than the inbred rich kid.

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