Hug triggers hostage scare at SE Houston Cricket store

Hug triggers hostage scare at SE Houston Cricket store“SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING” RUN AMOCK!


HOUSTON — A loving husband triggered a massive police presence on Tuesday at a Cricket Store in southeast Houston.

Police received a call that someone in the store was being held against their will.  

Actually, the store manager was hugging her husband goodbye.

A passerby saw the embrace and thought she was being held hostage.

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3 thoughts on “Hug triggers hostage scare at SE Houston Cricket store

  1. YGTBSM! Talk about fear mongering. But could have been a distraught homosexual that didn’t get their morning hug from HPD.

  2. Interesting to see the Gestapo-esque tactics beginning to bear fruit as people are turned inwards with their gaze watching everyone in a paranoid dystopia.

    Cast your minds back to Bush’s first term and the questions that were never answered when he took on to the DHS a former and formidable KGB General and also the last East German Stasi director and I think now, the story above is the reason why for what else did Dubya seek to employ two almost top of their tree specialists in tyranny and oppression. Remember the Gestapo’s most potent tool was the informer, the stooge, the agent provocateur within the community and they are there in communities now in America as they are here in the UK, people willing to make baseless allegation as much as twist facts to suit their masters wishes.

    Does anyone know of the fate of these two former Soviets as they were offered tailor made jobs at the DHS on long contracts but the trail went cold.

  3. That passerby needs to check with an optometrist.

    Then check into a FEMA camp for a nice long vacation.


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