Human-gender-species-planetary-reassignment surgery: We now have a virtual cafeteria of trans-human options

The Great Recession

On March 31, RT published an article titled, “‘Beyond farce’: CNN states there’s ‘no consensus criteria’ to determine child’s sex at birth.” The article revealed how CNN writers now find it difficult to tell if it’s a boy or a girl at birth by peaking under the cloth. CNN reporter Devan Cole became so extreme as to state there is “no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.”

Some of us found that odd because we believed ourselves to have been part of a broad consensus that has embraced 99.99% of humanity for the better part of all the millennia from cave days to now, so we did not even realize sufficient criteria for determining gender were lacking. It was about as universal as any consensus had ever been throughout human history, and now we are informed suddenly it doesn’t even exist.

It seems to those of us who thought there still was a consensus on what is a man and what is woman that only a minuscule component of modern liberal humanity finds this mysterious at all. The broader mystery is why they even think it is possible that people can be born into the “wrong” body or why it doesn’t occur to them that it is far easier and more likely that the human software got a bug in it than that the body was hard-wired to be the wrong model.

Let me raise, for example, the question of how it is any different for a man (while I may still use that word) to believe he/she was really supposed to be born into a female body because he/she has a female mind than for another man to believe he is actually a cat misplaced in a human body? Is it less complex to do gender-reassignment surgery than full species-reassignment surgery (given that all we have mastered so far is plastic surgery for the poor misplaced felines who were born human).

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