Human Shield: Israeli police use cuffed teen to calm protests

Published on Apr 21, 2013 by RussiaToday

Israeli police are being accused of using a handcuffed Palestinian teenager as a human shield. It’s after a video emerged depicting how they paraded the youth to an angry crowd supposedly in an attempt to calm the protesters. RT’s Middle East correspondent Paula Slier reports.

8 thoughts on “Human Shield: Israeli police use cuffed teen to calm protests

  1. well they’ve done it NWOHatr-did you feel it…..or not feel it?
    here’s my point.we used to look at scenes like this and say-keep that out of our country.
    I am not in any diminishing the atrocity displayed in the vid.,but at this point the police state “shock factor” in Jusa eclipses that of Israel.
    They’ve done it. This last week’s terror attack by our government moved the game to a new level.
    -reporting from my sub-conscious “I feel like that Palestinian”more now than ever.

  2. Just recently, connection to this website was hampered. Anyone else experience this lately??

    PS: I just joined this excellent gem of the net.

    1. My experience also-high traffic, I bet?-information changing hands-minds coming together-think you just nailed it-Henry’s site becoming #1 in alt news!

      1. From the Trenches belongs to the American nationals that have and continue to make it happen.
        And yes the problems experienced were from high traffic.

  3. These animals stoop to a new low every week. Nothing they do will surprise me anymore. Not one shred of moral decency in the whole country.

    1. I’m putting my bet with Kissinger. “In ten yrs. Israel will not exist.”
      The scary part is, in my theory that if they go so does the rest of the middle east.
      I really feel that their plan could be to get a biological or nuclear weapon detonated in Israel-blame it on whoever- then knock out the whole ME.
      My thoughts are that the PTB are tired of ‘pussy footing” around Israel.Remember they eat their own. Jewish leaders were warned to instruct their people to leave Germany. Instead they let them remain as martyrs, and as a reason to grab Palestine back.
      In the same way they will eat their own in Israel. Israel may be lost temporarily-until the dust settles after a THOROUGH house cleaning of the ME. Then, under a different name, it will quietly dominate the whole region of north Africa. At least that would be the plan.

  4. There will be NO peace on this planet until every last one of these vermin are exterminated.

    I’m still hoping Putin will make good on his threat to turn Israhell into a glass ashtray.

    That would suffice.

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