Hungover students spark coronavirus panic after asking for paracetamol

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Two hungover students who tried to get a flight upgrade by asking for paracetamol ended up in quarantine after they sparked coronavirus panic.

Julia Walentin, 26, who lives in South London, and her pal Dina enjoyed some drinks during their layover in Singapore after visiting Cambodia together. 

The next day the women told the flight crew Julia had a headache and wanted to lie down – but instead she was given a face mask and met by doctors at Heathrow.

After being escorted off the plane by officials in hazmat suits Julia and Dina were taken to a nearby building and put into isolation, reports The Sun.

Julia, who is originally from Sweden, explained that they had to be at the airport for 6am and were feeling worse for wear after getting hardly any sleep.

Thinking she might be upgraded if she told the flight crew of her headache, Julia asked for medicine but ended up causing them to think she might have coronavirus.

She said: ‘I tried to explain that I was just tired and hungover but they moved everyone on my row away and made me lie down.

‘They also asked me to put a mask on and started taking my temperature but the readings were really up and down.’

Dina, who was feeling less hungover during the journey home, was asked about their travels.

Julia said that others on the plane were also asked to fill out forms saying their address, where they have visited and if they had any symptoms.

She said: ‘I was so embarrassed. People were putting on double masks around me because they thought I had coronavirus.’

After touching down at Heathrow following the 14-hour flight Julia and Dina were met by doctors and firefighters in protective clothing.

Julia said they were asked if they could self-isolate at home but as she had flatmates, the women were taken to a nearby building for the next 14 days.

She said this building looked like it was still under construction and claims she was told not to say too much to her family and friends about where she was.

During their stay Julia said they ordered room service – including Corona beer – and had to wait a minute before opening the door.

However Julia was eventually able to convince her flatmates to move out so she could go home. She said she is now awaiting the results of a coronavirus test.

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