Hunter Biden under federal criminal investigation

Dec 9, 2020
President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden announced that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating his tax affairs. CNN’s Evan Perez has more.

4 thoughts on “Hunter Biden under federal criminal investigation

    1. its all a ploy to hide other crimes by bringing this garbage up, making it look like this is everything, this POS is up to his ears in chineese kickback, staged by his commie ass father.

  1. Doubtful anything will come of this. Probably just something to talk about while they plan this years next treasonous act. It just comes across to me as something to get the one side to go against the other side, divide, divide, divide….

  2. I believe he’s guilty of it all , and than some
    But unlike the common man , nothing will come of it
    It will all get swept under the rug and told to the public that it was all a conspiracy to tarnish the Biden family as they take over the White House

    And all the sheeple will accept the bullshit as other crap will come into the news to diminish this story to the cobwebs of our governments evil doings

    Why do I say this ? Because history proves it over and over

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