33 thoughts on “Hunting Dog For Sale

  1. Alright REDHORSE and rhumstruck. See what you done to Henry’s dog by supplying him with all those smokes?

    Ya’ll ought to be ashamed of yourselves!


        1. So THAT’S why that deer mowed him down like a freight train.

          Never saw it comin’, I’m guessin’.

          Maybe it knocked some sense into him. 🙂

  2. Well now you just wait one second here, all i gave him was lucky strikes.If that no good Holder laying pos is smoking something else he didn’t get it from me i’ll tell ya.

    1. If that’s all, I’d be checking the tax stamp on those Lucky’s. If it says ‘Tax Exempt” & from Manila, PI, those’ll make him goofier than a sh!thouse rat!

    2. I swear, if that little beggar shows up here, he’ll get a pack of papers and some Bugler. He can roll his own damn smokes.

      Then I’m sending him straight back to Henry.

      1. He does roll a damn fine blunt! It’s funny to watch him do it! I don’t know where he learned that! I roll cigs and joints but I can’t roll blunt worth a damn, so I know he didn’t learn it from me.

        1. I think he picked it up from REDHORSE’s neighbor’s cat.

          He didn’t get it from my cat – she prefers a bong.

          1. Mountain man just sstopped over to let me know where the bear shits in the woods 🙂 I/we will get back to ya`ll 🙂

          2. Bongs ain’t pocket friendly. Especially my double bubble, it’s nearly 3′ tall.
            Cats are addicts by the way. Once they get a taste of the tricomes on the buds, you have a tiger on your hands!

      What more can I say?
      I’m still wondering if this mutt can talk like Don Johnson’s did!
      And Henry ain’t talking. Maybe that is where Henry learned the history of our country and is too embarrassed to fess up
      LOL :).

      1. Great movie. Haven’t seen it in many years.

        You should see what they’re asking for just a used copy.

  3. That cowardly son of a bitch can go straight to hell. I don’t want a dog like that. If you all can find some use for the bastard, including the main course at a Chinese restaurant, you have my leave.

      1. You want mine? I can’t stand the hairy little bastard.
        Man’s best friend, huh? Poppycock, says I. If any man ever had a best friend, it was a deaf, dumb, nympho woman with her own fishing boat.
        That damn dog was never nothing more than a cigarette mooching, evidently cowardly, son of a bitch. I hope there aren’t any pictures of me with him on the internet.


          Good thing for you I don’t have clue how to photoshop.

          Heh, heh, heh…………

  4. If nothing else that dog gives us something to laugh about from time to time. Now If he wasn’t such a thief I would enjoy his company from time to time. But when a dog steals a $400 bag of herb and then Bogarts it all to himself, I draw the line.
    And just think, I found him a very sexy white pit bull named Dahlia that was eager to meet him. Now I hope he rips his scrotum jumping a fence.

      1. You got me there #1.
        I’ve always just tossed it on the table. Of course now that the Stasi have cracked Tor the Road is not safe to do business on anymore. 🙁
        The price of good smokey treats is going to go up again. I guess it’s back to swag for a while.

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