Hurricane Harvey: Manmade Mayhem

Educate Yourself – by ZS Livingston

Hurricane Harvey was named a “potential” hurricane on August 17, 2017 when its wind speed was just 35 mph. In previous years, hurricanes were not named until they reached 75 mph nearing category 1 hurricane speeds. Over the past twelve years, the number and severity of hurricanes have dropped drastically since Katrina. Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012 as a category 2 to 3 with a tremendous quantity of rain. Hurricane Harvey hit Houston as a borderline category 4 and quickly dropped to a category 1, but stayed off the coast  for nearly a week drawing moisture from the Gulf and dumping it on Houston and vicinity. Record breaking levels of rain …over four feet. Totally unnatural.  

Another unnatural event was the break up of Harvey on August 19 in the Caribbean. Shear winds broke up the Tropical Storm into a cluster of small storms. Four days later it re-established itself 500 miles to the northwest in the Bay of Campeche. The storm in the Gulf of Mexico was not the same storm as in the Caribbean Sea. The August 23 Tropical Storm was created out of nothing; artificial from the get-go.

The technology which boosted Hurricane Katrina from a category 1 to a category 5 in just twenty-four hours, filling the whole of the Gulf, was both scalar and microwave. The scalar beams evaporated Aetheric Ice floating on the surface of the salt water speeding up evaporation, The Butterfly Effect of little amounts of scalar energy causing huge amounts of physical water to break through the surface tension barrier is an alchemical process or trans-dimensional. The back-up technology is microwave. Far more energy is used working with microwaves, it’s like directly boiling the surface water.

As there was little Aetheric Ice in the Gulf during Hurricane Harvey, brute force was needed to create the hurricane. As the eye of the storm was perfectly circular, the energy had to be coming from directly above. The microwave footprint would be roughly the size of the eye and perfectly circular. As Harvey was stationary over the Gulf, the beam of microwaves was creating and recreating the storm. The microwave beam was holding the storm in position to dump continuous rain on Houston for days.

The prevailing winds did not move the storm as they usually do. The energy used would be the equivalent to all the power generated in the USA in one year. The only reason Harvey moved inland is because the microwave beam was finally turned off. Harvey was only one quarter the size of Katrina, yet had caused about the same dollar amount of damage.

The platform from which the beams emanated would have to be antigravity and contained a free energy generator. HAARP, at a billion watts, is too weak and too far away.

At the same time Harvey was raining down on Houston, a river of water vapor was raising off the Atlantic near Savannah, Georgia. There was a patch of Aetheric Ice in that part of the ocean and the use of scalar waves and microwave there did not create a new hurricane. By the time that beam energy stopped, a vapor river in the sky stretched up the Atlantic Coast to Newfoundland. That river in the sky created rain in Europe; but no hurricane.

The Pentagon is diabolically using technology it developed to attack US cities.

Somebody asked me if sailors in the US Navy and airmen in the US Air Force know they are creating storms against the USA. Probably not. The higher ranking officers would know. Their standing orders to hit American cities is crazy. Manmade Mayhem.

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  1. “HAARP, at a billion watts, is too weak and too far away.”


    HAARP facilities abound globally… they’re not limited to the one in Alaska.

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