4 thoughts on “Hurricane Manipulation: Weather Makers Exposed

  1. I have friends who live in New Zealand & I’ve been told about several weird weather events there including tornadoes that just whip up out of nowhere & more recently just last week unusual excessive rainfall. They live in West Auckland & have been witnessing & recording massive amounts of more covert types of chemtrails (not the obvious overhead criss-cross ones like in the US & Europe) off & above the west coast, where all the prevailing weather comes from, for the last couple of decades. Auckland sits on quite a narrow piece of land between the east & west coasts with large harbors coming in from both sides. You can literally travel from one coast to the other in less than 30mins & if you count the tidal rivers & creeks from both sides then literally within minutes.

    Last week a small town in West Auckland where chemtrailing is the heaviest received its “second-wettest day since records began – with over 200 mm falling overnight”. There is a small river running through town that becomes tidal further down & feeds into one of the largest harbors in the country with a massive tidal flow. At high tide the river backs up so floodwaters have nowhere to go except out onto the land. The place was absolutely inundated with many people evacuated & homes, businesses & vehicles had water flowing through them.

    The tornadoes they’ve experienced there are also very unusual in every way. NZ is not a country that is really prone to tornadoes naturally. Also the several tornadoes they’ve had in recent years were very specific in location & appeared & disappeared very quickly. One in particular, in Hobsonville, Auckland very specifically targeted some old airforce base housing that was still being lived in that was “problematic” to developers wishing to clear the land for multi-billion dollar developments. Hey presto, the demolition was started by “nature” so might as well move ahead now & finish it off sooner than planned without all the legal hassle right?

    ALL of these “weird & unusual” weather events keep getting blamed on “climate change” but we all know better. “Climate change” & “covid-19” are both concocted tools being used by the the-powers-that-should-not-be to try & achieve their centuries-long goal of complete world domination & control. It is up to us who plainly see it to STOP them by whatever means possible because the outcome if they get their way will be a living hell for the vast majority of people across this entire planet!

    On that note I also have to add that it is indeed the sheepish, slave-minded people who DON’T see this happening all around them & who DON’T have the benefit of a decent LIFE education of REAL history & politics who are the REAL kooks & conspiracy “theorists”. They are definitely their own worst enemy & potentially the biggest hurdle in eliminating those who would be their ruthless masters (and also by proxy, their executioners!). Most of these people will NEVER be reached so think wisely about where you focus your energy in this struggle. Try to make sure that every ounce of it is spent on getting you closer to the target & achieving the desired goal. Don’t get distracted! I’m pretty sure by now everyone here already knows this but it’s at the very least cathartic to repeat along the way 😉

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