“I Don’t Want to Live Any More”, Said the Child to Her Mother. The German Government Strangles The Future of Its Own People

Global Research – by Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Has the panic fear that politicians of all stripes have been trying to instil in people on behalf of the global criminal elite for the past year and the reflexive obedience robbed us parents, grandparents and fellow citizens of all compassion?

Or how is it to be understood that children and young people – presumably not only in Germany – suffer the worst under the illegal and useless mass quarantine of corrupt governments and express: “I don’t want to live anymore” – and there is no outcry or uprising in the country?

The climax of this outrageous scandal: the head of the German government puts off the parents until the day of never-never.

What are we to think of a state that strangles its youth and thus the future of its people, only to slavishly serve the “satanic clients” in the background and perhaps one day be allowed to be their courtier? What are we to think of citizens who silently accept this just so as not to attract attention and not to have to say NO!

As an educationalist and clinical psychologist, the author has felt called upon for months to express his opinion on this scandal. However, since many youth psychiatrists, psychotherapists, panel doctors and victim support organisations like the “White Ring” have been sounding the alarm for a long time, I waited. Only when I read the report in the mass magazine “WELT” on 31 January that young people want to throw away the gift of life (“I don’t want to live any more”, said the child to her  mother), I could no longer remain silent (1)

Screenshot of Die Welt

Since the majority of readers have surely already followed the reports of severe physical damage, psychological behavioural disorders and suicide attempts as a result of the mass quarantine, I will only briefly list some of the causes again:

  • Social distancing,
  • the wearing of unhealthy and disfiguring face masks even at school,
  • the lack of school education,
  • the absence of cultural and sporting events,
  • the endless loneliness that cannot be eradicated by virtual Facebook contacts as well as computer games and drugs of all kinds, and finally
  • the increasing domestic violence (sexual offences and assaults).

Are we humans really incapable of overcoming our feelings of fear and our mental obedience reflex instilled in childhood in order to protect the lives of our children and preserve the future of all of us?

Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is an educationalist and qualified psychologist.


(1) www.welt.de/Panorama: Corona time: “I don’t want to live any more”, the child said to his mother.

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