I grew up in earthquake country.

A Grand Solar Minimum is a period in time when the sun is less active and has fewer sunspots. The Maunder Minimum was 1645-1715. The Dalton Minimum was about 1786 to 1816.

Below is an excerpt from a recent news article and below that are my comments. I would appreciate your thoughts. 

California was rocked by several major earthquakes in July and August. The Ridgecrest earthquake in Southern California was the strongest in 20 years and caused roughly 100,000 aftershocks. All of the pressure from these tremors and aftershocks was so extreme that it apparently woke a sleeping giant in the form of the 185-mile-long Garlock Fault, causing it to ‘creep’ almost an inch (a big deal in geological terms if nothing else).

Reno Nevada is 25 miles west of Los Angeles because over the centuries more and more of southern California falls into the ocean. If a fault line is only active once every 500 years, it is more likely to be a Big One than one that was active just 250 years ago.

Garlock is east-west near Santa Barbara. It could activate north-south quakes. When the Spanish priests first arrived, the Indians said the really Big One was the Garlock fault.

An 8.35 earthquake releases the same amount of energy as two 25 megaton Hydrogen bombs.

In the 1906 SF quake, the center was 100 miles away. In Marin County a road was thrown 20 feet by the quake. If you live near Seattle, Memphis or St Louis, you can expect something similar to all of your roads.

Japanese scientists have proven that we have more quakes and volcanoes during Grand Solar Minimums than any other times. Why? Dr Valentina Zharkova says because during a Grand Solar Minimum the sun’s magnetosphere is reduced which allows more cosmic rays (nuclear particles from decaying stars) to strike the earth which energizes fault lines and magma chambers.

There was one quake on Christmas day 1699 during the Maunder Minimum and 4 quakes on 3 different days during the Dalton Minimum in 1811-1812.

So what do you think?

I think Washington State and the Juan de Fuca plate are candidates for a quake and tsunami. from northern Oregon to Vancouver BC with Washington the hardest hit.

We just entered the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum but cosmic rays striking the earth have already increased over the last decade.


3 thoughts on “I grew up in earthquake country.

  1. “So what do you think?”

    I think Dr. Valentina Zharkova is out of his mind if he thinks cosmic waves cause earthquakes. Any increase in earthquakes during solar minimums is probably coincidental, and since there have been so few solar minimums recorded, coincidental occurrences are a more likely explanation.

    Cosmic rays can affect DNA, and we may see an increase in mutations during the solar minimum, but I think it’s a bit of an imaginary stretch to connect them to major geological events like earthquakes or volcanoes.

  2. I was there for the Sylmar & Northridge quakes, as well as a number of others.

    I actually enjoy earthquakes. It’s not like the howling wind of hurricanes or tornados tearing your stuff apart.

  3. What do I think? This has to be some AI generated crapola, I live in Reno, if it was 25 miles west of LA it

    would be called Riverside! Yes, there IS a link between the Sun and earthquakes, Suspicious observers on

    youtube does a daily update on solar events and weather, all connected to the Electric Universe theory.

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