5 thoughts on ““I Think The American People Want Security Over Freedom” (Those Who Surrender Freedom For Security..

  1. …the “truth” is that these political leaders, media and all of these program supporters are simply fascist suck-ups that have no idea what The Constitution really says…or they purposefully want to avoid their role in violating the law and the Constitution… Screw Mr. Obama and these murderous traitors….they need to be found guilty of treason..and hang them…very soon….I am outraged at the fifty years of killing murderous thuggery that the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/CIA/FBI killers and thugs have been getting away with…convict and hang all of them including the idiot-traitors on this media panel…

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The life of an Insane Family

  2. What a bunch of crap that is, place people like me in a position where there is nothing left to lose and see what you will get you pricks.

  3. Some Americans do want security over liberty…and I suspect that soon they’ll get their wish, either imprisoned of their own will, or being a prison guard, in a FEMA camp. They can have it, for these are the fearful, I’d say about 20 percent. Then you have the ten percent at the other extreme willing to do whatever it takes to achieve liberty. The other seventy percent still sitting on the fence will have to choose sides and soon…I’ll say it goes 50-50…

  4. Wow that woman reporter is about as smart as Alicia Silverstone in the movie, “Clueless”. I’m waiting to hear her say, “Oh that ‘can’t handle the truth’ thing. I think people know that is so ‘last year’. Like OMG!”.

    And this dumbass who is thinking for American but doesn’t have a brain in his head by stating, “I think the American people want security over freedom”, looks like he is not only reading from a script, but is reading it like a childish 3rd grader. “How am I doing, mom and dad? Am I doing ok? Are you still watching me?”

    This is definitely why no one pays attention to CNN. Why do they insist on embarrassing and torturing themselves on the air for all to see? I just don’t get it.

    All three of them look like children with their childishly, fake smiles and remarks. These are the brightest reporters they can find? Are they even trying anymore?

    It’s funny, the show “Heroes” got more viewers and better ratings than CNN and they cancelled it mid-season. So why is CNN still on the air? Too big to fail again?

    You know, it amazes that the the Zionist Jews/elite haven’t decided to just created a new MSM network with a different name and just phase CNN out.

    Anyways, CNN is done! It’s been done for who knows how long. It’s just waiting for someone to hit it with the wrecking ball.

    Hey, I’ll volunteer to do that job!

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