I was sent this video and asked for my opinion

Here is the video:

Here is my opinion:

This guy is a shill. He tells you a little story of doom and gloom, using a very narrow and incomplete narrative, in an attempt to scare people into joining the right side for a civil war as opposed to the other right side, which are both leftists.

Let’s just look at a few things here. If they shut off the electricity, I as poor as I am, can have my house well lit within 30 seconds. If they bring Chinese tanks on American soil, millions will take to the field and many many many will come out of the cities to destroy them. He pretends like we do not have the capacity to do this. Horseshit.

The land I live upon is packed with sulfur and I don’t think I even know anybody who didn’t play with explosives when we were young. They talk about the bomb makers in the Middle East like it is some kind of science, when in fact it is so elementary as to be laughable. In fact we, being Americans, will be competing on the side to see who can blow a tank up in the air the highest.

There is also the assumption that those in the national guard and the military and the air force are going to be 100% behind this communist invasion and that all the jets are going to be flown or drones are going to be flown by people without families and that these traitors can actually be protected by the tiny minority of the population they represent.

Hiding under floorboards? If they tried something like this every house would become a booby trap and the contest would be who could kill the most with their booby trap.

He sounds like the propagandists working for the colonel back in 1775 who said he could go out and terrorize some rural people and the rest would just submit.

This shill pretends to know what millions of individuals have planned for individual defense and attack and to know what resources they have prepared.

No, this fella is working for the communists for the civil war because they know that the straight up uprising of the people in enforcement of the Bill of Rights means certain annihilation for them. The enemy is working in desperation because they calculated who we are by what they wished rather than fact.

And by the way, millions of our people have night vision, so we too will be hunting at night as they attack our booby traps.

This pretense that the people in the cities are all communists is just pure horseshit. The majority of the people who produce in the cities come from the rural areas because it is the only place they can make money, but once the fire is ignited, they will take to the field and to the streets and they will decimate their foe because they are fighting for home and hearth and not as slaves, cannon fodder.

I love the way these propagandists try to scare us with the idea of tanks. Tanks are slow and they will be moving through the areas our people know like the backs of their hands, from ambush to ambush until it becomes a known death sentence to climb into a tank.

This asshole tries to pretend like we are helpless, not to fool us, but in an attempt to demoralize us into joining one side or the other to kill each other to decide who is going to own us.

The gun sales show the people are alert and I don’t have any delusion that they intend to fight this war with rifles and pistols alone.

To this f-k I say, “Tell your neo-con brethren, who are all as communist as Hillary Clinton, to stop talking and just fucking do it.”
He will be tried as an enemy propagandist and I predict found guilty and hung.

And that sir, is my opinion.

12 thoughts on “I was sent this video and asked for my opinion

  1. Totally agree, Henry. He is a shill, ZioShill and otherwise. Plus he spends a lot of video time simply promoting stuff he sells…in other words, he’s in it for the money and praise from Christian Zionist outlets. Period.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. This bum scared me silly back in the day…when i was still on milk. I quit listening to him years ago!

    1. Paul Martin is the one that turns my stomach. he told a story one time about, weirdly conveniently coincidentally at his very own local walmart, that he just happened to be in at the same time, a buncha, like 300, chinese people were all buying pallets of water, like at frikin midnight.. just bizarre shit. you know, instead of getting online and ordering 100 pallets, we’ll just send in 300 5ft1 chinese women to all buy 18 gallons each.. you can’t make it up any dumber.. also, looks to me like Dave has had a stroke. he looks like shit. i haven’t listened/watched or seen him in at least 2 years.oh and the other clencher… Steve Quayle.. who takes over every show he’s on by insisting he be allowed to open with prayer for 5 fukin minutes! that’s not a bash on prayer, it’s a bash on grandstanding.

  3. I know one things for sure

    If they come
    And I find one , I’ll have all of his Shit to play with in less than 20 minutes with no more than 4$ spent

    I ain’t gonna buy all this tacticool shit , when I can take it from a dead commie

    Bring your tanks , your planes , your bombs and your people
    We will own them all and use them to send you back to hell where you came from… in a bag

  4. He had better worry more about his calorie intake and how to reduce that triple X size shirt before breathing another note about how to do anything….the only thing this guy is expert at is a double cheese burger in one hand and a large chili cheese fries in the other…

      1. Ha ha nope a 3x and proud of it, only difference is I work this guy pretends to work. This guy would jump into the first hole he could find when the shit hits the fan, me? I’ll sit on your ass…

        I used to be 320 pounds, earned every fkg pound of it. After my third marriage I said fk it, started driving and gained a shit load of weight, I make fun of myself all the time, I’m through trying to be razor thin and cut like a pro boxer, FK that Morris Adams or whatever your real name is..

  5. First time viewer, long time avoider. Never seen the dude, but his b.s. never sat quite right in me craw.
    P.S. Only survived 56 seconds before I stopped it.

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