4 thoughts on ““I will not be muzzled like a mad dog.”

  1. Speaking of muzzles…

    “Truthful statements can be presented in a manner that would meet the definition of ‘hate speech,’ and not all truthful statements must be free from restriction. The benefits of the suppression of ‘hate speech’ and its harmful effects outweigh the detrimental effect of restricting expression which, by its nature, does little to promote the values underlying freedom of expression.”
    — Supreme Court of Canada, Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission


    1. Nice rant guy!! Now make sure your guns are loaded & you’ve got your mind right. See you on the battle field.

  2. The time is getting closer, the winds of Revolution are beginning to blow harder. I can’t wait to revel in the hanging of these treasonous traider tyrants as their dying bodies flail while they hang by the neck till dead, dead, dead !!!

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