6 thoughts on “I would rather die than take the shot

  1. The BIG question that’s not even hinted at enough here then is – will you willingly die at their hands OR are you willing to die fighting for your freedom AGAINST them? It better be the second one…

      1. You betcha, Hal. It’s stupid to use “reasoning” when it’s absolutely unnecessary and the only reasoning they “allow” is what they can falsely “dictate”. They don’t have the authority and WE don’t have to explain. Short and sweet, “F*** YOU” is the only First Article response necessary followed by the Second Article. The end!!!

        1. One can’t “reason” with the lack of responsibility.
          As you know, this is what’s at hand.
          No document changes it.
          It’ll pop.
          It ain’t gonna be pretty.
          Same as it ever was.

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