IAC GALA 2020 Promo

Israeli-American Council IAC

Feb 6, 2020

The IAC’s annual fundraising gala is an incredible evening of inspiration and philanthropy with high caliber speakers, the best of Israel’s entertainers, and an in-depth look at how the IAC creates and strengthens our community.

2 thoughts on “IAC GALA 2020 Promo

  1. They grow more audacious and pompous. Could they not know what awaits them?

    Imagine the uttering of such words:

    “A strong Jewish community means a strong United States of America.”

    As if without them we are weak. Oh please. This is bloodsucking at its best. And what a celebration they make of it. It’s like Chucky and friends showing up at a 3 yr old’s birthday party:



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