5 thoughts on “Ice Cream Truck Music Is Racist (Samantha Bee)

  1. This constant labeling of everything as “racist” by media, college professors, and politicians is going to result in increased racism because it makes racial tolerance seem like a silly, or futile pursuit. (that’s the propagandists’ plan)

    Math, science, good grammar, and all of American history has been branded as “racist”, and this will result in a lot of white people throwing their arms up in frustration and saying “okay, I’m a racist, because it’s impossible to avoid being a racist, so just keep the darkies out of my neighborhood”.

    I’ve hung out with black people for my entire life, both at work, and socially, and I’ve never seen any racism that wasn’t funded by a billionaire, or drummed into someone’s head by the media. The fact of the matter is that no one really cares what color someone’s skin is, but they need to make it an issue to keep Americans divided.

    1. I am racist , and I’m proud of it, i cannot be shamed when it comes to this , I am not one of those types that tries to deny it, i wear it proudly and that drives them even more crazy .. i love watching them burn out

      not illegal to be proud of your race ..yet that is

      the real definition of racist is being proud of who you are and where you came from , at least to me, its not disparaging others .. i dont look at it the way they want us too (not playing along )

      divide and concur

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