4 thoughts on “Idaho/Montana Border Easr Bound I90 – Lookout Pass 41 Degrees 5:38 Local 4500 Ft AGL

  1. Mark: that is a beautiful section. And Wallace, Kellogg etc. Traveled that corridor fairly often when I was with Jim Palmer. That said, I wish to thank you for the advice you offered (ie getting started in trucking) a while back. When I was still in upstate NY, you had made a few recommendations, and it worked out. 3+ years. Thank you again, brother. Keep safe

  2. Hi Bro,

    When you post pics like this, always makes that old 1970’s song, “Keep On Truckin” pop into my head!

    Keep On Truckin brother!!

    “Keep on truckin’, baby
    I got to keep Oooo-on truckin’!…..”

    (Eddie Kendricks – 1973 – Motown Records – Tamla)

    JD – US Marine Remembering Some Of The Old 70’s Songs

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