6 thoughts on “IDF Attacks Palestinian Medics as they try and rescue Protesters Shot by Israel

  1. These pu$$y kikes even wearing knee pads to protect their soft, little precious bar mitzvah’d chosen legs to assault people in their homeland…

    And the contempt they have for the Palestinians looks like they don’t even treat them like humans.

    Yeah, I know, but still F’g pisses me off less than their blue isis trainees they unleash on US.

    1. Thanks, Mary, for using that word. “Untermensch” was one of the words I considered using for their actions.

  2. Savage f***ing animals. It’s no wonder why so many have tried to exterminate the lot of them like the cockroaches they are.

  3. This is like watching the devil on the loose. In a way it is the head of the snake manifesting through what it spawns. So very ugly, cruel, ruthless, and venomous. Also identifiable.


    1. The holocaust is a lie!
      A real holocaust is happening to the Palestinians
      And this is how they will treat all goyim if we lose

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