If Monty Python used several thousand people in a sketch and did it in Korean…

Vlad Tepes

Dial it up to 1080 for max effect. (the little gear at the bottom right of the YT video. Click and it offers options) One question though. Did Pink Floyd use the symbol you see at 2:07 for The Wall or did North Korea adapt it from Pink Floyd? 

It seemed somehow familiar


6 thoughts on “If Monty Python used several thousand people in a sketch and did it in Korean…

  1. I can’t watch videos today because my ISP is a Jew.

    Never, never, never sign up with Hughesnet as your ISP.

    The thieving bastards charge you for broadband, deliver dial-up speed, and then want to charge you a mint to end their service so you can’t afford to leave. It’s a kike extortion racket, and nothing more.

    1. I agree with you JR. Hughesnet is one great big scam. Unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere so it’s all I can get. The plus side is…I live in the middle of nowhere and I’m using pre-existing equipment so I only pay month to month and I can shut it off anytime I want without paying a gigantic termination fee. I tell everyone I know that Hughesnet is a ripoff.

  2. Lol Hatr. Check out The Upper Class Twit of The Year on youtube. One of the dumbest/funniest skits Monty Python ever made.
    “And Oliver has run himself over!!!” lol.

    1. I have every episode ever made on dvd – boxed set.

      Almost every season of Benny Hill too.

      Big fan of both. :-):-)

      1. That’s cool Hatr. All I have are 3 of their movies on dvd. The Holy Grail, Meaning of Life and Life of Brian.

        1. I stopped watching tv about 5 years ago. Actually, cut back drastically for the first 2, and none at all for the last 3. I do, however, love movies. I have over 400 in my collection, so plenty to choose from. I also have some (older) tv series on dvd. Other than what I do here, movies and music are my only forms of entertainment. I don’t drink, so I never go to bars or clubs. That is why I have such an extensive dvd library.

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