If Obama is serious about Green Jobs start with Hemp

An Average American Patriot – by James Joiner

Obama Wants More Green Jobs? Let’s Start with Hemp: Though Obama has frequently spoken of the need for more “green jobs,” he has failed to acknowledge the inherent environmental advantages associated with a curious plant called hemp. 

One of the earliest domesticated crops, hemp is incredibly versatile and can be utilized for everything from food, clothing, rope, paper and plastic to even car parts. In an era of high unemployment, hemp could provide welcome relief to the states and help to spur the transition from antiquated and polluting manufacturing jobs to the new green economy

Hemp Is Harmless, a Potential Economic Miracle, and Still Illegal in America — But the Tide Seems to Be Turning: The American hemp industry, revived in the 1990s in a wave of cannabis-fueled environmentalism, now sells $450 million a year of products from hemp-oil soap to hemp-coned speakers for guitar amplifiers, according to an industry trade group. Yet all the raw material used for these products, from fiber to hempseed oil, has to be imported, as it’s still illegal to grow hemp in the United States. 

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013, introduced in the House on February 6 by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), would end that. “Industrial hemp is a sustainable crop and could be a great economic opportunity for Kentucky farmers,” Massie said in a statement announcing the bill. “Tobacco is no longer a viable crop for many of us in Kentucky and we understand how hard it is for a family farm to turn a profit. Industrial hemp will give small farmers another opportunity to succeed.” 

It’s a Safe Health-Food Wonder, Agricultural Dream and Economic Jackpot: Hemp

It’s a Safe Health-Food Wonder, Agricultural Dream and Economic Jackpot: It’s Time to End our Government’s Insane Hemp Prohibition

The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp, our ships had hemp sails, and pioneers’ covered wagons were covered in — what else? — hemp. David Bronner was recently arrested for attempting to eat a healthy breakfast.

Does that sound stupid? Even once you know the details, it should sound stupid: Bronner’s food of choice was bread spread with hemp seed oil he pressed himself from industrial hemp plants, which he did in front of the White House under a banner reading: “Dear Mr. President Let U.S. Farmers Grow Hemp.” Bronner’s company, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, spends over $100,000 to buy over 20 tons of hemp seed oil from Canada each year to use in its soaps. Bronner wants to give that money to American farmers instead. He is 100% right!

7000-8000 B.C.
First woven fabric believed to be from hemp.

Jamestown Colony, Virginia passes law requiring farmers to grow hemp.

Hemp was the primary crop grown by George Washington at Mount Vernon, and a secondary crop grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.

Marijuana Tax Act

1619 order for every member of Jamestown to grow marijuana.

There were several other “must grow” laws over the next 200 years (you could be jailed for not growing hemp during times of shortage in Virginia between 1763 and 1767), and during most of that time, hemp was legal tender (you could even pay your taxes with hemp — try that today!) Hemp was such a critical crop for a number of purposes (including essential war requirements – rope, etc.) that the government went out of its way to encourage growth.

The United States Census of 1850 counted 8,327 hemp “plantations” (minimum 2,000-acre farm) growing cannabis hemp for cloth, canvas and even the cordage used for baling cotton.

How many people realized that the first law written within the borders of what we call the United States was a 1619 order for every member of Jamestown to grow marijuana. Watch the documentary “The Union – The Business Behind Getting High”. It is one of the best documentaries on the subject ever made.

The first 2 copies of the Declaration of Independence were printed on Hemp! Benjamin Franklin used Hemp to start Americas first paper mills. It was once legal and one of the largest crops in the world. The majority of fabrics, lighting oil, medicines, paper, and fiber. Hemp was touted as a billion dollar crop in the 19th century and its unparalleled universality made it a target of other sources. It produced more than 5000 products from its thread and 25000 from its cellulose including dynamite and cellophane.

They made it illegal because it was the most widely used product in the world and would interfere with other products and diversity. WW2 brought the necessity that it be legalized ounce again as there was so much of it , its wide use, and its abundance. WW2 ended and once again it was made illegal to protect other industries and interests.

Think about it! We can really use this phenomenal product, think about it!

The number one abused drug in the world is legal, Alcohol! It destroys numerous lives! What sane argument is there against legalizing Hemp? None, none whatsoever!

Bronner is right! You can not get high from Hemp no matter how much you smoke or eat. Some day common sense should be forced to prevail at least in this one case. Looking at hemp’s versatility and the thousands and thousands of products it can be used in you can only come to the conclusion that it was lumped in with marijuana to keep it from competing with more volatile inefficient products. That is especially true today with people looking for natural products. Legalize Hemp!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


17 thoughts on “If Obama is serious about Green Jobs start with Hemp

  1. #1
    I just love these articles about hemp! Last night I spent about two hour looking for patents on Hemp. I was hoping to find a really cool one on how to make Hemp Rope that Henry might find cool enough to post. I learned a lot about Hemp from just reading the patents. We need to keep educating the people about Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana. Just those two things alone show that we are not a truly free people. To me, Hemp Freedom will be America’s Freedom.

    1. Smilardog, although I rarely indulge any more myself, I know how much digger, rhumstruck, Steve Apple, yourself and others enjoy these articles. I used to blaze chronic 24/7 up until January of last year, but once I realized how close we’re getting to the revolution, I decided it was too counterproductive (for me, at least) to continue indulging. It just slows me down too much.
      Once we end the insanity and hang those traitors though……….. 🙂

      1. Hey #1 It is truly a beautiful magical extremely beneficial mystical plant and one of only two plant species to have a noticeable “male” female” but I bet a nickel you already know that.Thanx for the thought keep safe in La La land .

        1. Thanks Steve. The only way to stay safe in this madhouse is to grow eyes in the back of your head.

          Unfortunately, insanity is the norm here.

      2. No, No, No, No, I don’t smoke it no more, I am tired of waking up on the floor! hahahaha!!!! I am strictly thinking of post-restoration business ventures. Especially, Hemp Rope for after the trials!!! Once freedoms rings (from the wind chimes) and if I make it out a live. I am going into industrial hemp business just because I can, I am a free man. We all will be!
        We The People!

          1. I take two scoops of Hemp Protien Powder everyday, and MSM, and good vitamins,etc

  2. Good post there #1. I have watched a lot of videos and have read and studied hemp and marijuana for years but I don`t think that I have seen this one. Thanks #1. 🙂

  3. Henry ford made a car out of Hemp. He is hitting the back of the car with an AXE and it bounces off. It is as light as plastic and stronger then steel. He also ran the car on pressed hemp oil. Ford said that we could “grow a car from the soil” You can watch it on YOUTUBE. Also when used in construction, as in HEMP CRETE , the house will “breath” so very little heating and cooling are needed. And after time the HEMP CRETE walls will harden to stone and last for 100’s of years. But DuPont, Dow Chemical, Lumber industry,
    EXXON /oil giants etc,etc……… will not allow this to be used.

    1. Hey Steve… do you have any good links for Hemp Crete, or Hemp anything? I am trying to learn all I can about it. I don’t want to be behind the curve when We The People get our country back. I wish I had some sterile seeds, I would become a “Johnny HempSeed” and be planting it all over the country right now.

      1. Hey Smilardog, why would you want sterile seeds for. they won`t germinate. You want fertile seeds man. LOL You can order seeds but they are expensive and I do not know if I would order any because you might have the feds knocking on your door when they send the seeds to you I hate to say it.I have never ordered seed or anything like that through the mail however I have heard of people that have and they have had no problems. I cannot reccomend doing that though. We all used to just buy a bag of pot and grew the seeds that were in that bag of herb and usually got reasonable pot from those seeds. A good video is called the ” Strain Hunters” It is a good one. There are three videos and they are about a little bit of what you may like Smilardog. Enjoy .

        1. Digger… what I meant was Non-sterilized seeds. We can’s buy hemp seeds here in America unless they are sterilized first. Someone can send me some, I won’t tell. See how much freedom we have lost!
          When a long train of abuses….

          1. Yes I know Smilardog. Ya know that if you ever see a few along side the road they just may be wild fiber strain ya know. If all you wanted was hemp seed for nutritional value you can go to ” Hemp USA. com ‘ and they can legaly sell alot of products made from marijuana. You can get pounds of seeds from them if you want sterle seeds. Marijuana makes some of the nicest clothes around too. 🙂 Yea Smilardog we have lost many freedoms here in this great land of the free. I would never send anything like that through the mail chances are that the sender and you would get arrested for doing that. There are a lot of seed banks out there though. If you live near the Canadian border you can get most any strain leagaly up there ya know. I wish I could be of more help . If you live in Colo. or Wash. where they made it legal for recreational use you could easily get seeds from any smoke shop or maybe a seed reaserch center perhaps. I will keep thinking on this one for for ya. Weed is a beautiful plant to grow if only just to look at 🙂

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