‘If Only Our Leaders Cared to Put Americans First’: Tucker Slams GOP-Backed H-1B Outsourcing Scheme

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night exposed how companies like AT&T are reportedly forcing American workers to train their foreign replacements brought in from India through H-1B visas.

Though candidate Trump said he would end the program when he was running for president, after getting elected president he kept the program and has floated expanding it and even giving a “path to citizenship” to H-1B visa holders. 

Just weeks ago, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said the US is “desperate” for more immigrants to “fuel” our economic growth.


From Fox News, “‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates: How AT&T outsources American jobs, makes employees train replacements”:

“I’m aware of at least 8,000. At least 8,000. It could be more.”

That’s how many AT&T employees have been victimized by an outsourcing process called “rebadging,” according to a former worker for the telecommunications giant who spoke to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for a special investigation.

The employee, who spent nearly two decades at AT&T, was informed a few months ago that she was no longer needed, and was being “rebadged” to consulting company Accenture, where she’d be forced to train a low-cost foreign replacement. She told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that she expects to be fired within a year.

“You feel helpless and you just accept it,” said the employee, who added: “Today it’s my job. Tomorrow, it could be yours.”

Another former AT&T employee, who has also been rebadged to Accenture and also expects to soon be fired, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that all of the replacement workers come from one place.

“They are all from India,” the employee said. “Most of them are from Hyderabad, some are from Mumbai.”

Republican Senator Mike Lee has been aggressively pushing an outsourcing bill to make the problem even worse.

Meanwhile, Trump has thrown his full support behind “Turncoat” Thom Tillis — a favorite of the Chamber of Commerce and major advocate for cheap foreign labor — and is attacking immigration patriot Jeff Sessions who is facing off with Tommy Tuberville.

Information Liberation

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