1. If too many people live through this heinous push that’s gonna complicate things for the psychopaths doing it…I like making their lives a living hell , never date a vaxxer , never marry a vaxxer , educate your children .. is all we have left going forward

    1. I literally have close family members telling me i am not allowed in their homes because I am not vaccinated Incredible the deception.

      1. I have a sister that’s holed up in her condo and despite the information I provided to her about this hoax, she has taken not one but two jabs already. I tell people to go to the enemy’s website (the FDA) and read for themselves there is no approved vaccine only experimentals and because of the depth of mind control they won’t even do that. If it doesn’t come from the tellalievision they won’t hear anything to the contrary. These are the walking dead.

        1. I’ve again gained the handle ‘conspiracy theorist’ for doing such myself.
          I’m done with those (family, or not) who can’t utilize their brain, because it’s really not a brain, but an elbow macaroni.

        2. Mary I wholeheartedly agree, yet I posted this video on a local site along with these words just minutes ago.

          “I found this information just today. Some here may very well find an objection to it. When I think about these issues, I’m reminded of how alcoholism works, and how alcoholics fight tooth and nail to deny information that shows that they just might be an alcoholic. It’s just information. We can take it or leave it. Let’s see how many neighbors get bent out of shape by this information. I’m not saying I believe or don’t believe the information, but I am still sane enough to watch and consider it.”

      2. With multiple sclerosis I can’t get the shot (not that I’d want to) and I have to stay away from those who have gotten the shot.

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