If Proven That Any US Official is Invested Monetarily With Any Vaccine For Corona virus – No American Should Be Forced To Inject

Every one of the traitors sitting in Office is privy to all kinds of insider trading tips as well as have been approached by big pharma to green light their garbage concoctions, much of which is Frankenstein medicine thrown together for nothing more than quick profits.

You can bet Trump properties are losing its ass right now, and his family is taking a big time Corona beating. And, I can assure you, this circus barking walking, talking and breathing example of graft and fraud is foaming at the mouth to get his hands on quick stock market returns, just like all the rest.

You can also bet, big pharma is right there, together with China cave dwelling bat pathogens to accommodate the scumbags. They want us to buy that BATS from China are the culprits, and you’ll be hearing more and more about this later.

The beautiful part about this is that I don’t have write a long drawn out diatribe here, you all know what the hell I’m talking about. More bullshit…

6 thoughts on “If Proven That Any US Official is Invested Monetarily With Any Vaccine For Corona virus – No American Should Be Forced To Inject

  1. Yes you guys, I know what your going to say, and your right. As long as we have our Bill of Rights, that is enough to refuse anything we dont want if we feel it harmful to our well being.
    BUT – I want these traitors and worthless scum to understand- ” You dont tell us – We tell you”

    You want to screw over others for money and play your little games, your going to account. We do not trust a goddamn thing you tell us, especially now, we know exactly what your trying to do.

    Billionaires become rich from bullshiting others. Very few do it honestly, if any. Now your playing with lives, because you have exhausted all other avenues.

    So now your going to tell us Bats from China living in caves is the reason for all of this, while you open the flood gates to America and let the Chinese in knowing they’re sick?

    5G is killing us, nothing else

    For the life of me. I’ll never understand what makes you creatures tick…

  2. Hey
    Let’s print up a butt load of fake “I got the shot” stickers
    So we can all play their game

    Full on take over by the “awake people”

    Yeah Fck the sleepers
    I mean Obama got in with a fake BC
    He already showed us the way the game is played people

    1. Yeah, its incrediable with what that clown Ovama got away with, if he can do it, anybody can do it.

      I’m looking at military jets right now doing big time maneuvers, they’re worried about something, that’s for damn sure.

  3. I will always refuse this so-called vaccine (chip or no chip in it, mark of the beast or not) for several reasons, but the biggest one is this–Bill Gates says his children have never been vaccinated because Gates knows he’s got the bribe money to bribe anyone into not giving his children vaccines he knows are harmful. Thus, if Bill Gates doesn’t have to vaccinate his children because he knows they are harmful, then I won’t either. Thus, the “vaccinators” must show my empirical proof Bill Gates’ children have been given this (chip or no chip) vaccine before I will even consider it. If there is a chip in it? Then they’ll just have to come after me. Watch out for mountain lions.

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