If You Don’t Want Utility “Smart” Meters, Make Sure You Don’t End Up With “Stealth” Meters

Activist Post – by BN Frank

Whether you are aware of it or not – it’s likely that wireless transmitting or “Smart” electric, gas, and water meters have already been installed on your home and throughout your community.

Because of all of the problems associated with them – including fires, explosions (see 12, 3, 4), and illness from their emissions(see 1234567) – some utilities have been forced to offer “opt out” programs to customers. Unfortunately, some companies are still providing analog meters with hidden transmitters or “Stealth” Meters instead. 

From EIWellspring :

Analog electrical meters sometimes transmit to the utility, just as a digital smart meter.  Many people with these meters are unaware that they have a transmitter on their house, as these meters look like regular analog meters.

These “stealth meters” have been in use for well over a decade.  New analog meters are probably no longer installed, but it is possible to upgrade some models by installing a transmitter.

There are meters available which transmit by wireless or by PLC, which both can cause health problems.

Thanks to EIWellspring for also providing instructions on how to identify “Stealth” Meters on their website.

“Smart” Meters do NOT save customers money on their bills, are NOT eco-friendly, AND they are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks (see 12345678).  That’s why many communities and states have taken action to stop their installation (see 123).

Hundreds of thousands of “Smart” Meters have been recalled and/or replaced due to failure, malfunctioning, overheating, “planned obsolescence”, and obviously fires and explosions.

Activist Post

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    1. I watched the last one, very informative. I’m gonna have to replace the hand held phones as well as turn off the wi fi router.

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