4 thoughts on “If you thought COVID-19 was bad…watch this!

  1. The root causes of ALL these “crises” need to be eliminated as quickly as possible & with absolute deadly force so that these “crises” NEVER happen again! Let’s get to it REAL people of the world! The future of our children depends on YOUR action NOW!!!

  2. So he says, “faster,” and “steeper,” and “greater.” The obedient robot is feigning intelligence, pretending to know what is to come. He reads beautifully as he sets us up for sickness and poverty. And he tells us what the near future holds. His crystal ball revealed this to him. Wonder if it also revealed what American Nationals might have in store for any who push the fear-lie and the poison. I saw this quote today:

    “Those who know the least obey the best.”

    Ha!! There are few things more honorable than disobeying evil.

    And here’s one more quote:

    “The reason they keep giving us short time-frames of lock-downs is because if they told you they’re planning to lock you down for forever, you’d riot. You wouldn’t comply. You’d plan. You’d organize. YOU’D FIGHT IT!! YOU’D OVERTHROW THEM!!!!”
    — Author Unknown


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