12 thoughts on “If You Were King

    1. Koyote, ditto.
      Reminds me of “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and the second is like unto it, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

      Live and let live, if a beef arises, take it into a common law court before a jury of peers, men of reasonable conscience, justice will be met out.

      1. So true, tc. All we need to do is stop paying taxes (working on that as recommended by Katie) and stop believing in rulers over us. Then the system will implode. Larken Rose has some very enlightening youtubes.

  1. All those little unarmed circles should have armed themselves and taken out the king and his guards. They outnumbered them to an alarming degree. Problem solved.

  2. I waste my time explaining to people all the time that they are kings. They usually argue how they are slaves.
    Then they get mad when I tell them to give me all their shit and lick my ass.

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